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Nicolas Cage

Celluloid Chameleon : Nicolas Cage




He has been identified as one of the most versatile actors of our time. He is an award-winning actor, an action star, a serious character player and a sardonic comedian, all rolled into one. He's the nephew of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. He's also the guy who's famous (or should that be infamous?) for eating a live cockroach in the bizarre film, Vampire's Kiss. This extraordinary man is none other than Nicolas Cage.

Nick made his first few TV and movie appearances under his real name Nicholas Coppola, but when some suggested snidely that he was only getting roles because of his name, he quickly changed it. He chose the name Nicolas Cage, after his favorite comic book character, Luke Cage. Armed with his new name, Nick was determined to make it in Hollywood as an accomplished actor in his own right. "I had to convince myself I had some value of my own apart from my family lineage. It would have been easier in Hollywood if I had kept the Coppola name."

After making more than 30 movies during a turbulent career of many triumphs ( Leaving Las Vegas, Face/Off, Con Air, The Rock ) and occasional disappointments ( Fire Birds, a Top Gun rip-off), Nick is the proud owner of an Oscar, a Golden Globe award plus a host of other awards for Best Actor for his role in the low-budget, independent movie, Leaving Las Vegas.

Nicholas Kim Coppola @ Nicolas Cage

7th January 1964

Long Beach California

Seductive Mr. Snake Eyes was born in the year of the Water Rabbit. Always suave and charming, Nick is probably often described by the people who know him as a very nice guy. However, he has an innate ambition for social success and is very skilled at networking. He knows what to do to fit in with the right level of society, and having a good image is very important to him.

Nick is also known as a very quirky and eccentric person, which is uncharacteristic of most Rabbit men. On the other hand, he is an actor, and all this weirdness could be just a part of the persona he carefully cultivates to be a success in his métier.

Nick is very shrewd about people, and is an excellent judge of character. Although he may seem accommodating on the surface, he is actually an expert at manipulating others to his advantage. In fact, he can rather materialistic and self-centered if you can look beyond the undeniable charisma he exudes so effortlessly.

There is no room for impulsiveness in his life, as Nick likes to plan every move and decision in very carefully. He does not blindly take on all those diverse roles that have earned him the reputation of being something of an acting chameleon: "I've made it my purpose to embrace every style of expression in my acting, and to change not only characters but genres."

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