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Zeta-Jones to be Douglas' Leading Lady in Real Life?

Michael Douglas, after a divorce from his wife of 22 years and a string of affairs, has planned to settle down (again) this year with Catherine Zeta Jones, who is exactly 25 years his junior and pregnant with his child. The exquisitely beautiful Catherine, who shot to stardom after starring as in The Mask of Zorro opposite Antonio Banderas as the spirited Elena Montero (a most apt role!), admits to having a "thing" for older men. "I've never dated anybody the same age as me," quoth she, "I think it's because I love the knowledge older men have." Hmm, but Cathy, even so, isn't Michael a little too old for you?

The Entrapment star gushes that she is "ecstatic, thrilled and very, very happy" with the prospect of marrying ol' Mike. The couple met at the Deauville Film Festival in August 1998 in France and have been dating since March 1999. Now, could this union possibly last? Read on to find out!

Catherine Zeta-Jones (25th September 1969)

Sultry raven-haired beauty, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is the epitome of elegance and intelligence, traits true to the Earth Rooster, her Chinese astrological sign. Quick-witted, clever and sharp as a fencing blade, this lady is a force to be reckoned with! Catherine is forthright and frank like most Rooster ladies, and when challenged, takes the bull by the horns, rarely mincing her words. As a result, she comes across as quite a tough cookie. Beneath that hard facade however, Catherine is kind as can be, seldom holding grudges or scheming to get even.

As with all resourceful, extremely practical Rooster ladies, Catherine appreciates things that are tangible. She will not be wooed with empty declarations of love and romantic poetry, preferring cars and yachts and real estate (that explains her delight at the enormous diamond ring Michael gave to her!). This powerful lady tends to attract weaker men, but it is the strong who will make her melt!



Michael Douglas (25th September 1944)

Michael Douglas was born in the year of the Wood Monkey. Oozing charm and good intentions from every pore, Michael is more like the charismatic, adorable rogue he played in Romancing the Stone rather than the ruthless, arrogant and aloof Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. In fact, like his other Monkey brothers, Michael is generous, outrageous and loud, immensely likeable with rather good sense of humour, never taking himself too seriously.

In love, the Monkey gentleman is the most extravagant suitor of the Chinese Zodiac. He woos his ladylove with jewels and furs, the best champagnes at luxurious restaurants and expensive nights out at the opera. But will all that be enough for Catherine?