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Celebrity Feng Shui

Much Hairdo About Nothing?

by-Seema Nanoo

"I still think people will find out that I'm really not very talented. I'm really not very good. It's all just been a big sham." Quote unquote. Michelle Pfeiffer might have said this but her rave reviews certainly wouldn't second that! She is one actress who has proved herself to be versatile, from her role as the sexy, sultry Catwoman, to dowdy Frankie in 'Frankie and Johnny'.

She received her first academy award in 1988 for 'Best Supporting Actress', for her role in Dangerous Liaisons and to date she has won 3 academy awards for Best Actress! Now that hardly speaks for someone who thinks she is not very talented!

Well Michelle might think so, but let's see if her hairstyles had any part to play in her winning those awards. She must have thought that the only consultation she needed to have before re-styling her hair was with the hairdresser itself, but wait…even Feng Shui has a part to play in it!

In the last two decades, Michelle has sported various hairstyles from the short and savvy to long and elegant. But the style that is ideal for her is one that is rectangular in shape. Michelle has the typical heart shaped face and according to the Five Elements theory, this resembles the Fire element. In the Productive Cycle, Wood enhances Fire, hence the rectangular shape.( Well, Michelle if you are reading this, stay away from long, wavy hairstyles, as this is representative of the Water element! In the Destructive Cycle, Water destroys Fire and this would cause disharmony for you! )

In her latest movie, 'What Lies Underneath' she sports a style that is layered very lightly at the bottom, and the length falls below her shoulders. Now, don't you think that the overall shape IS rectangular? Hmm… perhaps she really did consult a Feng Shui consultant…( hey Michelle if you really are interested in Feng Shui you should log on to our on-line magazine for more tips! )

In any case, let's wait for the release and see if yet again Michelle dazzles us with her on screen performance! And if her Feng Shui-ed hairstyle would bring her yet another academy award!