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Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid Split…… after 10 yrs of marriage.

After nearly 10 years of marriage, Sleepless In Seattle star, Meg Ryan, and Frequency hero, Dennis Quaid, have finally called it quits. Perhaps sick and tired of having spent a third of their lives staring at each other, the couple would no doubt agree that living up to the vow of 'Till Death Do Us Part' should actually be re-phrased as 'In Life We Shall Part'.


However, the couple has refused to give comments on why they 'have to part', but if boredom and disinterest are 'not reasons', we can almost ascertain that these two superstars just didn't know how important a role Feng Shui can play in a person's life. Want to know more? Read on.

Meg Ryan (19 November 1961)

Think 'perky', 'bouncy' and 'bubbly', and Meg Ryan comes to mind. Born in the year of the Ox, Meg is of headstrong character and is a woman of the world who knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it. This woman certainly lives up to the role she played in 'Courage Under Fire'.

Ox people are not to be taken lightly. Where Ryan is concerned, clearly she is much more than meets the eye. The core qualities of the Ox are determination and strength of purpose, coupled with the strongest of wills. These folks fear no one and nothing and are content to forge ahead in their quest to conquer the highest of mountains. Charge, bull, Charge!!!

A Metal Female Ox, Ryan comes across as more compelling, tough and resilient than any of her Ox sisters. However, Metal Ox ladies are prone to bouts of depression, but when the occasion calls for it, there is no doubt at all that the Metal Female Ox will be the first to overcome these problems and obstacles.

Dennis Quaid (9 April 1954)

Dennis Quaid on the other hand, is a Wood Horse. Headstrong as a horse can be, Dennis is independent, candid and articulate, yet obstinate and easily agitated. However, as men always are, the Wood Male Horse is easily attracted to beautiful females and will sacrifice his heart and soul on the altar of love. Sweet, no doubt, but as far as the world can see, Dennis probably didn't do a good enough job to keep intense Meg satisfied.