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Celebrity Feng Shui

Seeing Red??? Don't explode!

"Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall,
Who Is The Fairest Of Them All,
Tell Me Please What Feng Shui Has To Say,
Bout The Colors I Should Wear Today."

Signed, Hot Blooded.

Well, well, it certainly looks like the color Red is not for everyone, huh? Yes, I know that your haemoglobin's probably a nice, healthy red, but do you really know what the color can do to you? Or even for you? Read on, dear Hot Blooded.

Ahhhh, in Feng Shui practice, it is important to know that Red is the color of fortune as it is a color of confidence. Moreover, it attracts recognition and respect for the person who uses it. Now we know why so many celebs lurrrve that gorgeous color. (Or maybe Liz Hurley just likes the fact that it enhances her cleavage. Who knows?)

Now, back to basics. For you people out there whose animal sign is of the Metal Element, then stay far, far away from this Yang color. It's no surprise then, that Meg Ryan prefers white. Hugh Grant and David Duchovny, on the other hand, seem to think that they're the new Men In Black. But heck, they're pretty much on the right track! Red us not suitable for these celebs at all! Check out their birth dates below.

Meg Ryan - 19th November 1961 (Metal)
David Duchovny - 7th August 1960 (Metal)

Hugh Grant - 9th September 1960 (Metal)


Since Fire destroys Metal, it is best for those born in Metal years to avoid wearing anything that's Red. So why are there so many stubborn celebs out there? Are they just ignorant or plain stupid? But then again, perhaps they just didn't know what their elements are.

So, stop being ignorant and sign up as a registered user at to find out exactly what your element is. Hey, don't procrastinate!