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Celebrity Feng Shui

Oded Fehr

Israeli actor Oded Fehr is rising to stardom slowly but surely. His role as the courageous, dashing Medjai chieftain Ardeth Bay in the action-adventure movie The Mummy (1999) has won him legions of adoring female fans.


Nicolas Cage

Nick made his first few TV and movie appearances under his real name Nicholas Coppola, but when some suggested snidely that he was only getting roles because of his name, he quickly changed it.


Zeta-Jones to be Douglas' Leading Lady in Real Life?

Michael Douglas, after a divorce from his wife of 22 years and a string of affairs, has planned to settle down (again) this year with Catherine Zeta Jones, who is exactly 25 years his junior and pregnant with his child.


Much Hairdo About Nothing?

Michelle Pfeiffer might have said this but her rave reviews certainly wouldn't second that! She is one actress who has proved herself to be versatile, from her role as the sexy, sultry Catwoman, to dowdy Frankie in 'Frankie and Johnny'.


Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid Split…… after 10 yrs of marriage.

After nearly 10 years of marriage, Sleepless In Seattle star, Meg Ryan, and Frequency hero, Dennis Quaid, have finally called it quits.


Seeing Red??? Don't explode!

Well, well, it certainly looks like the color Red is not for everyone, huh? Yes, I know that your haemoglobin's probably a nice, healthy red, but do you really know what the color can do to you? Or even for you? Read on, dear Hot Blooded.