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Maximizing The CEO’s Potential

In business, the luck of the CEO is crucial to the success and profitability of the business. Just as in the home it is essential to take care of the feng shui of the Patriach first, in business, it is the CEO’s feng shui you must protect first and foremost. Then to achieve a harmonious working environment for the rest of the staff, there are certain simple but essential methods you should use when designing the feng shui of an office. We follow on from the example from last issue, with our focus on Mr. Pressmill, the newly-hired CEO of a large Communications company.

Mr Pressmill, our CEO, is a Fire Snake, born in April 1953. His Kua Number is 2, which means his good luck directions are Northeast (Sheng Chi), West, Northwest and Southwest. His bad luck directions are East (Bad luck), Southeast (5 Ghosts), South (6 Killings) and North (Total Loss). First, we deal with where is best to place his office based on the Flying Star chart of the whole building.


There are two HIGHLY favourable sectors offered by the Southeast 3 chart. The first is the Southeast (which has the water 8 star) and the other very favourable sector is the Northwest which has the mountain 8 star. We have chosen to place the Mr. Pressmill’s office in the Northwest. Why?

Firstly, the Northwest location has excellent mountain star 8 and water star 6 – both incredibly auspicious during the Period of 8, and will bring plenty of success to the business under Mr Pressmill’s care. The Mountain 8 star is very special – as it brings good luck for in the form of business connections and political relationships. By placing his office here, Mr Pressmill will benefit from plenty of support from his business associates, board of directors, staff and friends in the business world.

Secondly, under the Later Heaven Pakua, the Northwest is also the Palace of the Patriarch. Since Mr Pressmill is a newly-appointed CEO of a distressed organisation, he may have to contend with disgruntled senior staff he has inherited - some who may even challenge his authority.

To ensure that Mr Pressmill has authority luck and can exercise good management control over this staff, his office is best located in the palace of the Patriarch.

Thirdly, the Northwest location is also one of Mr. Pressmill’s good locations according to his Kua number; it is his descendant’s location – indicating that he will create a long-lasting LEGACY in this corporation. So this is a good corner to have his office.

It is important to ensure that the CEO’s Desk is facing his best direction - in this case, it’s facing Northeast (his Sheng Chi direction). The main entrance to his office also faces NE - his Sheng Chi direction. This stacks the feng shui cards in his favour!

The CEO must always sit with his back supported by a wall – never having a window. On this wall, he/she should place a large painting of a Mountain – to create support for all his ideas and aspirations.

Even CEOs need the support from below and above. Without support, his ideas and vision will encounter obstacles in the implementation stage by his staff:  He could even experience  a lack of support from his board of directors during  tough times.

After placing a large mountain behind his seat, Mr Pressmill is advised to activate his South corner with a Victory Horse and to place sailing ships on the floor (filled with jewels). All feng shui sailing ships should be placed low on the floor, must never be “armed” with cannons and must always be carrying a cargo of jewels and always be sailing from one of his auspicious Kua directions. It is a good idea to place a pair of Fu Dogs flanking his entrance, or mantra plaques above the doorway as protection against people with bad intentions.

Activating the CEO’s office with auspicious Feng Shui enhancers improves
not just the CEO’s personal luck, but the luck of the whole business.

Every flying star chart has bad sectors. The worst sectors in this chart are the ones with the numbers 5, 7 and 3. These numbers bring bad luck and when they team up together they become very deadly. 

For example, the South sector has the 5-3-3 combination, which brings plenty of financial and relationship loss caused by disagreements and squabbles. Any business unit placed here will quarrel with other business units and lose money. If the “department of public relations” are located here, it could invite huge trouble with the authorities leading to corporate lawsuits! One way to deal with it is to “locked it up” with a store room in the South sector. It is best to keep this room quiet and unused as much as possible.

Another location where we have “locked up” the bad stars is in the West. The West has the 7-1-5 stars which can bring serious financial loss in the form of armed robbery, theft or fraud. This can come from both internal and external sources. Hence a room has been created in the West. If this room is used as a meeting room, then place a Blue Rhinoceros and a 5 Element Pagoda in the West sector of the room. Minimise the use of this room.

One great way of infusing feel-good energy into a work place is to create a feng-shui friendly working space. The staff-retention, creativity and productivity generated by a group of happy, thriving staff is well worth the effort! At World of Feng Shui each of our staff is allowed to sit facing their Personal Growth direction according to their Kua numbers. Many of our staff have been with us since we began the company 11 years ago and have continued to grow as we have. Another important aspect is to diffuse poison arrows using large leafy plants, or crystals. Plants in an office signify GROWTH – and offices that lack plants will find it very difficult to expand their business.

Lastly, make absolutely sure that the ANNUAL afflictions and taboos of fengshui are continually observed. This advice is published free on the website every month! It is particularly important to be wary of bad flying stars that fly into the CEO’s office or the main entrance of the building each year and each month. In the case of Mr Pressmill, he must not face Northeast during the years of the Ox and Tiger because that’s where the Grand Duke Jupiter is located! Perhaps it might be wise to appoint someone in the office as the “CFSO” = the Chief Feng Shui Officer to take charge of moving monthly and annual cures according to flying stars. Just by following the simple methods of feng shui outlined above, one can easily design a great office with excellent feng shui.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( September/October 2011)". To subscribe, please click here.