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Designing an Office with GOOD FENG SHUI

Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or a humble business owner, if you want your business to grow and become successful under your leadership, then you MUST NOT ignore the importance of bringing feng shui into the planning of your head office. In this article we show you HOW EASY it is to create an office with GOOD FENG SHUI – one that will bring good fortune and plenty of opportunities for profit and growth!

Incorporating feng shui into an office building begins by choosing the building which has the correct main door. Ideally, the main entrance of the office building should be matched with the personal Kua number of the CEO. This is the very first step in creating the right kind of Sheng Chi luck for the CEO, so that the business will thrive under this person’s authority and leadership.

All other things remaining equal, it is the CEO’s luck that has the most influence over the luck of an organisation. Under the feng shui system of luck, a CEO with good feng shui will attract good success luck to an organisation. A CEO who has bad feng shui can cause a booming business to go downhill. There are many true stories that tell of how businesses have suddenly blossomed or suddenly gone bust as soon as its ownership or management changes. When this occurs, it can usually be traced back to the incompatible facing direction of the building with that of the person who manages the business. So a good starting point is to learn how to determine the CEO’s best compass direction based on his/her KUA number and when checking to see if the main door corresponds to the CEO’s good or bad luck direction.

Here, we have an example of a building that faces Southeast 3. This direction was taken using a 24-Mountain compass, standing from the inside of the building looking out. The office in this example is run by a CEO of a large communications business, a Mr Pressmill who has just been hired by the directors of the company. His office is located on the 18th floor of a city building. Mr Pressmill is a Fire Snake, born in April 1953 . His Kua Number is 2. Does this building’s main direction bring good or bad luck?

Based on his Kua number his good luck directions are Northeast (Sheng Chi), West, Northwest and Southwest. His bad luck directions are East (Bad luck), Southeast (5 Ghosts), South (6 Killings) and North(Total Loss). Unfortunately for Mr Pressmill, the main direction of the building is incompatible with his good luck directions; here note that the Southeast is his Five Ghosts direction! Luckily, Mr Pressmill is also a Fire Snake, and because he is a Fire Snake, the Snake direction (Southeast 3) benefits him. Hence, in this particular case, the main door of this building brings him good protection luck. This is because the astrology direction overrides the KUA direction. An important point to take note of when using the KUA formula of directions!

An important aspect of good feng shui for an office is the location of the Wealth Spot in the building. Once you know where this is, you should activate it with a Water feature. This requires good knowledge of  FLYING STAR feng shui  as it is the flying star chart which reveals the wealth spot. In fact, a great deal of feng shui practice is designing the layout of an office according to good and bad flying stars of the office.

The flying star chart is created using the facing direction of the building. In most cases, the facing direction is the same direction as the main entrance. A big clue for this is if the entrance is grand and large, with a foyer or covered façade. In our example, this office building has a very grand main door which directly faces a large, busy main road. And when measured using a 24-mountain compass, it faces Southeast 3.

The floor plan on the opposite page shows how this office has been designed using the Southeast 3 FLYING STAR chart. Look for the sector which contains the WATER STAR 8 – this is the WEALTH SPOT of this building. In this chart, the Wealth Spot is in the SOUTHEAST sector. Hence, an aquarium has been recommended for the Southeast sector of the Reception area, as well as the CEO’s Office. This activates the Water 8 star and invites the best kind of wealth luck for business success.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( July/August 2011)". To subscribe, please click here.