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How to Make Your Knife-Shaped Room Work For You

Axe, Chopper, Cleaver, Knife, Tomahawk… These are merely some of the many names for an L-shaped room, which is generally not very auspicious. That is because the irregular shape means that there is one missing sector (or more) in the room, which also translates into one extra corner that sends out unfriendly Shar Chi. As the missing sector represents one of the Eight Life Aspirations, it would be very unfortunate for you if the afflicted sector in your office is the Career sector or the Wealth sector.

However, the 'axe factor' of an L-shaped room -- when correctly applied -- can easily help to place a decision-making executive in a very powerful position of control in any tough negotiation.

The first thing you should do is to distinguish between the 'knife handle' and the 'cutting edge'. The area in your room that represents the 'knife handle' is the strongest point as the heaviest concentration of energy is found here. In contrast, the area that represents the 'cutting edge' is the weakest.

Next, you should arrange for yourself to sit at the 'knife handle' to give you the added advantage of power and authority. During negotiations, make sure that the opposition is seated at the sharp 'cutting edge' so as to weaken the line of resistance. By doing so, you would have superior control within the room and be a dominating force in any discussion or meeting held within.

To avoid being hit by shar chi emitted by the poison arrows shooting out from the protruding corner, you have the option of using a number of feng shui cures. Place a piece of lead cut crystal or a leafy potted plant at the corner to absorb the shar chi. You can also make the protruding corner disappear by using mirrors.

So if your room happens to be knife-shaped, then you are in luck. Just make sure that you position yourself at the area known as the 'knife handle' to give yourself a firm grip on any situation within.