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Aunt Agga

Aunt Agga Issue #106

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All Yin Pillars in My Paht Chee Chart

For my four pillars (Paht Chee) chart, I have all YIN pillars. What does that mean?

If this is your chart, then it is too YIN. You need more Yang to balance out your chart. Generally people who have all Yin pillars have analytical minds and strong opinions. You might sometimes appear to be outgoing but deep inside you are an introspective loner who is skilled at masking your true feelings and thoughts. You need to be careful not alienate yourself from the rest of the world! If you have all four Yin pillars in your chart, you do need more YANG energy in your chart. Cultivate a strong social life and focus on developing deep and meaningful friendships with a group of like-minded friends. Making it a habit to get out there will transform your luck!


Noisy Neighbours Above Me

I have a question regarding noisy neighbours living above me, as I live in an apartment. Are there any feng shui remedies for dealing with this?

Noise is good news! It brings powerful Yang Energy – unless if the noise happens at wee hours of the morning (where a Yin environment is essential for rest) or if they are the screams and shouts of a domestic quarrel! If this latter is the case, then the best cure is the place crystal balls in your home to soak up this energy. It also helps if you keep the lights on (where the noise is prevalent).


Harbour in Front of Our New Apartment

My wife and I are moving into a new condominium that faces a harbour in front. Will this be lucky for us and will it bring wealth?

Yes of course! The Harbour is one of the most auspicious places as that’s where money and trade injects wealth into the economy! Make sure that you have a large balcony window facing the harbour side. If your balcony is facing the other side of the building, then it does not bring you luck – in fact you may miss opportunities that bring wealth! Good luck for the new year!


Is My Red Door Activating the Illness Star?

Hiya, my door is red and faces Southwest. Red is supposed to be good for the Southwest because fire strengthens earth, but does this cause a problem when the illness flying star flies in?

Yes my dear, the red (fire energy) will make the illness star (earth element) stronger when it flies in. On years when the illness #2 star flies in, you should repaint your door white. In 2014 the Southwest has the #1 star which does not bring illness, so you can leave your door red. But when the illness #2 monthly star flies in, be sure to place extra cures like the Wu Lou or the White Tara Longevity Vase in the SW to ensure you do not fall sick.


Very Sick and Husband Cheating on Me

For the last two years I have suffered HUGE financial and health problems. This year was the worst so far. I had to undergo a medical operation, I lost my job, amassed a big debt and I suspect that my husband is cheating on me. Four of my family members became very sick too. I really need help as I’ve got to get well for the sake of my two children and I don’t have a lot of spare cash left.

Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like your entrance has the illness star. Can you hang a two metal windchimes there? Since you are so tight for money, the fastest way to get help is to do plenty of prayers. For your situation I recommend chanting Medicine Buddha mantras to heal you and your family as he is the KING of Doctors. You should also chant TARA’s mantras. These mantras should be chanted daily: Medicine Buddha: TAYATA OM BEKANAZAY BEKANAZAY MAHA BEKANAZAY RAJA SAMUDGATAY SOHA (108 times) and Tara’s mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.


Paht Chee Chart Has Confusing Month Pillar

I’m confused about my son’s month pillar. Some feng shui websites say that he is DRAGON month pillar. But in the WOFS website the Four Pillars Calculator shows YIN FIRE SNAKE Month pillar. Which is correct?

My dear, you will find that some sites out there will calculate your Paht Chee chart using the months of the SOLAR calendar, and so sometimes the day or month will be different when you get your chart from other sites. Chinese astrology and destiny analysis is always based on the LUNAR calendar, as is the Chinese New Year. Even the calculation of your Kua number relies on the Lunar calendar. The WOFS website uses the LUNAR calendar to calculate the Paht Chee chart and this is widely agreed among reputable masters to be the correct method of ascertaining your destiny chart.


Does a Silver Rocking Horse Bring Good Luck?

Just bought a silver rocking horse pendant and would like to know if it is ok for me to wear it for the Year of the Horse. My animal sign is the Rooster.

There are many styles of Horses, and different Horses bring different kinds of luck! In the year of the Horse, wearing the image of a Horse generally brings good fortune unless you are the Rat, or if the Horse appears to be thin, hostile or injured. The image of the Rocking Horse is an excellent emblem of good fortune, as it symbolises potent Yang energy and youthfulness. It brings very strong social luck and makes you popular with others! However, if you are looking to improve your success luck and your career, then you should wear the Wind Horse pendant instead. If victory in all your pursuits is what you desire, then the Victory Horse is more suitable. The Tribute Horse (laden with jewels and gold) brings prosperity luck. The Rooster has a very special connection with the Horse as the Horse is your peach blossom animal sign – in other words, it brings you love luck and attracts attentions from the opposite sex!


Dining Table Under a Toilet

I have read that it is not auspicious to have a dining table located directly below a bathroom or toilet. Is this true? If so, what cures or remedies can I use without making renovations?

Yes indeed this is very inauspicious. Imagine all the toilet energy entering the food you eat! Urggh! It’s very difficult to remedy this kind of thing. Are you able to move your dining table elsewhere? Otherwise keep the dining table lights on to counter this. This can help reduce the bad energy coming onto your dining table.

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