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Aunt Agga

Aunt Agga Issue #105

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Do I Move My Annual Cures When The Monthly Star Changes?

 Am I supposed to move the cures for the annual afflictions to match the monthly stars? For example, the West in 2013 had the #7 and needs the Elephant and Rhinoceros for Anti burglary robbery cure. But the monthly star seems to move monthly. Do I move the cures from the original annual position to the monthly afflicted areas?

The annual cures should be left in the same location for the entire year. Monthly stars add another dimension of flying star analysis so you place an additional cure for the monthly stars and move them when they move. So for example in this coming year the #7 star is in the Northeast and should be cured using the the Rhino and Elephant. Then see where the monthly stars are and place additional cures for that.


Tattoo of The Fire Totem Pendant

 Hi, I am a law graduate female who is soon to be venturing into the cut-throat law field. I am intrigued by the Fire Totem pendant but am considering getting it tattooed at the back of my neck going downwards on the spine. It will be a moderate sized one. Will this be a good idea as I believe it will help protect me against bad energy!

I think it’s great that you are so proactive in getting protection as you are right – the law field is filled with fighting energy and office politics! Generally it is not a good idea to tattoo sacred syllables on your back as you will be sleeping on it every night! I’m not a fan of tattooing anything onto my skin because it is just too permanent. My advice is to wear the pendant so that you can change your amulets from year to year depending on what you need. Yes the fire totem pendant is very powerful and it will protect you from bad energy.


My Friends Have All Moved Away!

 I am a Boar (1959) and my husband is a Rabbit (1951). Since we moved into our new home in 2012 all our friends seem to be moving away from us one by one. The House faces SW. I feel that very soon we won’t have any friends left! I feel unsettled and unhappy. Please help!

Generally Southwest houses are very lucky this period, but I suspect that you’re living in a new subdivision with no trees around you! Plant trees around you so that you are not living in a house on a bare piece of land. Invite your images of your zodiac friends and allies - the Sheep, the Dog and the Tiger and place them in our home. Don’t worry you’ll make new friends very soon.


Does The Annual Renovation Taboos Affect Me if I Do Not Live There?

 I’m renovating my guest house located behind my current house. I don’t live there and there is a fence separating the two houses. Do the annual feng shui taboos of renovating my guest house affect me even though I don’t live there? Is it OK to continue building works in the guest house?

The answer is YES and NO. Of course if you don’t live there, the renovation works do not affect you directly. However since you are the owner, you could suffer some of the side effects. If you renovate in any of the three taboo locations- Grand Duke Jupiter (South), Three Killings (North) and Northwest (Five Yellow) the renovation itself will encounter obstacles. For example the workers could get sick (if they are digging in the South) or something will come up to block the successful completion of the renovation. To overcome this, offer incense to the Grand Duke Jupiter and the local landlord of your guest house regularly. Definitely do not start or end your renovation in these three corners.


Water Feature on Right Hand Side

 My water feature is placed on a table counter between North & Northeast which is 1.5m away from my front door (North). From inside looking out, the water feature is situated at the right hand side of the door location. Please advise if this is OK?

Water in the North is fine… as this is the palace of careers and is activated by the presence of water. However it is not good being placed on the right hand side as this causes the either you or your husband to develop a roving eye! Water features by the main door should always be on the left side. I suggest you move it as soon as possible as in 2014, the Star of External Romance makes an appearance in the chart, increasing the chances of infidelity.


My Husband is a Tyrant

 I’ve been married for 17+ years but I feel so alone. How can I activate my house so that my husband becomes more understanding and less rude? When things aren’t going his way, he behaves like a tyrant. 2 days ago we were in the car together. I said some things he didn’t like and so he shouted, horned the car, and drove like a crazy man. This has been happening for many years now. I feel like the least important person in his life. Please help me.

I suspect that the Matriarch corner in the Southwest is either missing, or afflicted. By afflicted I mean there’s a bathroom or laundry or store room there. If this is the case you will find that you have very little power in the home, and your marriage will also suffer. Strengthen the SW corner of your bedroom and living room by placing lots of crystals balls there. You should carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet with you to keep angry energies at bay.


How to Activate for a Baby?

 Hi, my husband and I have been married for a year plus and we really want to have a baby soon. Any tips for helping me conceive? We have done a medical check pu and everything is normal. He is an Ox and I’m a Tiger. Thanks Aunt Agga!

Congratulations! First place a pink lotus crystal in the West to activate descendant’s luck. Make sure you and your husband are both sleeping according to his NIEN YEN direction – this information is available in Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Diary. Then you should also invite the image of Fertility WHITE TARA – and chant Tara’s mantra OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA each day. Fertility White Tara is not to be confused with Longevity White Tara – they are different Taras. Fertility White Tara specialises in giving babies to mothers who really want to have a baby. The Horse is a good year for a baby – avoid Sheep or Monkey babies as these are natural enemies of you and your husband.

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