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Aunt Agga

Aunt Agga Issue #101

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Can I Activate the Southwest if It is My 5 Ghosts Corner?

 Should I activate my Southwest for Love and Marriage luck even if this is my 5 ghosts corner according to the East/West theory ? And how about the Northeast for wisdom (this is my total loss corner).

Yes certainly you can activate the SW and the NE! Under the East/West formula you are advised not to sit facing these directions, but you can still activate these corners as they represent aspirational feng shui corners. SW is for love and marriage and NE is for Wisdom. But remember, don’t face these directions as they are inauspicious for you.


Bedroom in Tai Sui Corner

 My bedroom is in SE3 and my bed and head points towards SE 3 where the Tai Sui is located in 2013. Is it ok to hang the Tai Sui Plaque on top of my head and bed? Is this considered confronting him?

I don’t recommend hanging the Tai Sui plaque inside your bedroom! Sleeping with your head pointed towards SE3 is OK, however I do advice placing a Pi Yao figurine under your bed, facing it towards the SE3 direction. You may hang the Tai Sui Plaque just above your bedroom door (outside) or place it in the SE corner of your living room.


My Two Pretty Daughters Can't Find Goodboyfriends

 I’m really worried! My two daughters can’t seem to find good guys as boyfriends even though they are both very beautiful. They seem to be luckier in their careers but quite unfortunate in love. My eldest is an Earth Dog and my youngest is a Fire Tiger. Please give me some advice!

I suspect that you may have this problem: either your Southwest or your Southeast (or both) has a bathroom or is afflicted in some other way – perhaps a store room or a pile of junk collected there. The SW represents marriage potential and the Southeast governs the luck of daughters. Normally when young ladies repeatedly attract the wrong kind of guy it can be traced to one or both of these corners being afflicted. If it is a store room or junk corner, clear it at once! If it is a bathroom, then I suggest renovating away this corner, or have your daughters move out of the house. Place the Double Happiness Plaque in the Southeast as the Romance star in the SE is very strong this year.


Bad Luck from Sitting on the Three Killings Direction

 I have read that we should not sit with the back facing the East this year as this is considered “sitting” on the Three Killings and will bring three types of misfortune. Unfortunately this is where I’m sitting at work and I cannot change it. I can already feel the bad luck since the beginning of this year! What can I do to improve my luck?

Oh dear. The best way is to place the Three Celestial Guardians (the Pi Yao, Chi Lin and Fu Dog) directly behind you to control the Three Killings. In addition to this you MUST carry the Three Celestial Guardians Key Chain (order this from at all times to quell any problems stemming from the 3 Killings! I would also advise placing the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant directly in front of you – as facing West means you have to deal with the #7 Betrayal and Burglary star coming from that direction. If you do all these three suggestions it will minimise your bad luck coming from sitting on the Three Killings.


Can a Wood and Metal Windchime Subdue the Five Yellow?

 Is it necessary to use a wind chime made entirely out of metal to suppress the 5 yellow? Can a wind chime made from a combination of wood and metal do the trick just as well?

All metal is best! You see the Five Yellow is an Earth Star, and is exhausted or weakened when you use windchimes that are made from a special alloy of 7 types of metal. Although the element of Wood is said to destroy earth, this applies if the wood is “yang” wood – i.e. plants, and not “yin” or dead wood. In my experience I’ve found that when I use live plants to subdue the five yellow they end up succumbing to its malevolent energies and dying on me! Quite honestly you will get much better results by hanging the Five Yellow windchime made by WOFS, because they have custom-designed this windchime with powerful symbols and mantras targeted at controlling the Five Yellow!


Embroiled in a Lawsuit - How Can I Win?

 I am currently engaged in a fierce lawsuit with someone and I need help in winning this case. The fees are already costing me a lot and my energy is being drained. What can you recommend to improve my chances of victory?

You must protect yourself from the #3 star which is in the East. The #3 star not only brings lawsuits, it will cause serious misfortune to you if you are not careful. Here you need strong fire energy – a bright red wall and the image of the Three Suns. I also suggest inviting the Goddess Chundi into your home and start chanting 1 mala of her mantra daily – OM CHALE CHALE CHUNDI SOHA. You should also wear the Victory Shawl and the Windhorse Medallion when attending mediation or court hearings.


Where do I Place My Gold Elephant?

 I was given an inexpensive gold plated elephant with its trunk up as a gift. It’s nothing fancy or special but I like it a lot! Where in my home can I place this? I already have a set of 3 legged frogs at front door. I could always use help with my love life! Thanks.

Elephants are wonderful gifts (what a nice friend you have!) and they symbolise many things, especially POWER! An Elephant with the trunk up is for protection and thus I recommend placing it somewhere near your entrance. If it is not too big, you can also place it on your desk facing outwards, as this can ward off any ill-will directed at you at the work place. Elephants are not for attracting love – for romance you can obtain our Bejewelled Double Happiness Plaque and place this on your desk or on your personal Nien Yen corner.


My Married Lover Has Gone Back to His Family

 I’ve been living with a married man for 6 years, but suddenly he’s had a change of heart and has gone back to his family. He still sees me occasionally and still promises to divorce his wife and marry me. I love him so much and I do not depend on him financially – but I just want him back with me! Somebody gave me an amethyst geode and advised me to place it under the bed. Will this help? I’m terribly hurt and very confused about what to do!

Oh dear what an impossible situation and I truly sympathise. I don’t usually condone relationships with married men (or women) for the simple reason that it is so destructive for everyone involved! I can feel that your love for him is genuine and true, but my advice really is to move on! He has shown you that he cannot remain faithful to his wife and to you, and it seems very likely he will not honour his promise or marriage to you. In any case, do you really want to start a marriage – an event so auspicious - with such betrayal and destructive energy all over it? My advice is to place the Amethyst Geode in your Southwest corner with the intention of meeting someone new. I really do wish you all the best with finding someone more worthy of your love.

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