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Mahabote Charts - Reveal the Influence of Planets on Your Life

From the convents of Burma come the practice of Mahabote, a fascinating method of astrology that is both easy and revealing. Practised also in Thailand, in recent years it is becoming increasingly popular in the USA and Europe due to the pioneering work of westerners like Roeland de Looff who lives in the Netherlands. All you need to create your personalised Mahabote chart is your day of birth and your date of birth.

Your Mahabote chart does not require your hour of birth. The Mahabote chart works with seven planets that are placed inside seven houses and the placement of these planets is what offers clues to the kind of person you are. It also offers some clear-cut guidelines on how anyone can use the reading of the chart to bring out the best in themselves, as well as to maximise the opportunities in their lives.

First Steps - your DAY of birth

Before creating your Mahabote chart, it is necessary to find out the day of the week when you were born. So you need to know if you are a Monday’s child or Tuesday’s child… this small piece of information will reveal which of the seven major planets exerts the greatest influence on your life and aspirations. Once you know your ruling planet, then according to Mahabote, it is always a good idea to strengthen it. Thus the first thing to do is to find out the planet that represents your day of birth. This is shown in the table here:

Note: For those born on a Wednesday, if you are born before noon, Mercury is your birth planet. If you were born after noon, you are a Rahu person. Mercury persons have excellent communicative traits. Rahu persons are stronger versions of Mercury people being far more powerful, assertive, strong and confrontational.

Once you know your planet, Mahabote prescribes that you use its attributes to strengthen your planet. Thus according to Mahabote:

Strengthening Moon requires being constantly in motion. This is what benefits those born under the influence of this planet. They should be involved in work that requires a lot of travel because the further away from home they journey, the greater will be their success. They should give free rein to their feelings, as this is the best way for their personality to radiate and glow. It will bring out the best in them. Moon people signify Queen energy in the same way that Sun people signify King energy. Wearing white is most beneficial. The favoured gemstones for Moon people are pearls and rubies. Theirs is the element of earth and their preferred taste is salty.

Strengthening Mars requires you to be involved in some way with the military. Anything associated with regimented and disciplined approach is most beneficial. Strength comes from wielding power and being in control. Mars is a male planet and the dominant colour is red. Mars people benefit from being surrounded by siblings and relatives. They make good doctors and nurses. Mars people benefit from anything made of gold. For them, the lucky gemstone is coral of the highest quality. Their element is air and their preferred taste is bitter.

Strengthening Mercury requires you to make a career in communications. Anything requiring you to use your voice and vocal cords will benefit you. Your best colour is green and you will be a great success if you are surrounded by children, either your own or within your immediate environment. Emeralds benefit Mercury people greatly. Their element is water and their deity is Vishnu.

Strengthening Rahu requires you to wear dark colours. This brings out the competitive spirit and power that is part of your personality attributes. Rahu people benefit most from being involved in fishing and hunting. Thus, if you are in sales or marketing, you are sure to do well. If you are in competition with others, it is likely you will have victory. But your life is also filled with people jealous of you. You will have enemies, but you also have the destiny to emerge victorious. Rahu people benefit from wearing emeralds.

Strengthening Jupiter requires you to be good friends with others. If you take on the role of advisor or teacher, you will be enhancing your Jupiter attributes and creating the scenario for you to be happy and fulfilled. Gathering knowledge and seeking wisdom is also good for you. Wearing yellow is recommended. Jupiter people make excellent teachers, professors, senators, lawmakers, ministers and scholars. Silver objects and wearing zircon have a good effect on anyone with Jupiter as their ruling planet. Meditating on the Deity Indra is helpful. And sweet tastes are recommended.

Strengthening Venus requires you to be surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things. Venus people make excellent progress in commercial and business ventures and are strengthened by such pursuits. They should dress as much as possible in white, as this brings out the creativity in them. They should also do charity. The more charity they do, the more successful they will be. Venus is a female yin planet and benefit women more than men. Venus people benefit from wearing pearls and diamonds and being surrounded by water.

Strengthening Saturn requires you to play the role of being a good subordinate. If your work requires you to use physical strength, you will succeed. You also benefit from following tradition, keeping in tune with the belief systems of your community, race and cultural background. Wearing black is suitable for you. The beneficial metal is iron and the preferred gemstone is sapphire. The element of Saturn is fire.

Strengthening Sun requires you to play the role of leader in your community. Sun-born people possess the charisma of authority and power. To bring out the best in them, it is a good idea for them to wear the colour red. Sun people are best when male attributes and yang energy are strong. It is vital to develop confidence and a sense of individuality. The best metal is copper and the lucky gemstone is ruby. The element of the Sun is fire, so Sun people benefit from well lit homes and surroundings. They like spicy food.

Calculating The Mahabote Chart

Mahabote is of course more than merely offering recommendations on the basis of the day of birth. It also involves creating a birth chart that comprises the placement of planets inside seven houses. These houses tell something about specific areas of life. Four of these houses i.e. the houses 3,4,5 and 7 are considered to be good, and three houses, 1, 2 and 6, are considered bad.

To calculate a Mahabote chart:

1. Take the year of birth, for example 1945.

2. If the person is born on or before April 15, you subtract 639 from the year of birth. If the person is born after April 15, you subtract 638. This brings the Western birthdate into harmony with the traditional Burmese calendar.

3. Thus for someone born on February 20th in 1945, you make the following calculation: 1945 - 639 = 1306.

4. Next, you divide this value by 7. Suppose we divide 1306 by 7. The outcome of this is 186 with a remainder of 4.

5. Please look only at the remainder, which in this case is 4. This value decides which planet appears in the first or center house of the Mahabote chart.

6. Once we have the planet that appears in the first house, it is easy to decide which planets appear in the other houses by noting the Mahabote order of planets. This is as follows:

If Mercury appears in the first house, then Saturn will be in the second, Mars in the third, Venus in the fourth, Moon in the fifth, Jupiter in the sixth and Sun in the seventh house (see chart below).

The day of birth planet has a special place in Mahabote analysis. In our example, the subject was born on a Friday, so the day of birth planet is Venus (for Monday it is Moon, Tuesday Mars, Wednesday Mercury, Friday Venus, Saturday Saturn, Sunday the Sun). If you are born on a Wednesday after 12.00, then the birthday planet will not be Mercury but Rahu (also called the North Node in Western Astrology). In the Mahabote chart, Mercury is replaced by Rahu.

In the Mahabote chart, the birth day planet is underlined. When your day of birth planet appears in an auspicious house, your life destiny reflects the positive qualities of that house. When you enhance the planet, it strengthens the good attributes of the planet. If your day of birth planet appears in an inauspicious house, it suggests that your planet is afflicted and the attributes of that house will be strong in your destiny. For instance, if your planet is moon and it appears in the first house - the house of impermanence - it suggests emotional instability is part of your destiny.

In our example chart, houses coloured grey cause problems one way or another. Here is a short analysis of these three inauspicious houses in the example chart.

House 2:
The House of Extremity

This is the house of all or nothing. Planets in this house tend to manifest in an extreme manner. So here, Saturn is found in the House of Extremity and meaning that if the person having this chart stays a subordinate all his life, it will either be very good or very bad. If there is advancement, it will be all the way, and if there is no advancement, there will be none at all through his life. His destiny as a subordinate will manifest in an extreme manner.

If mercury is the birthday planet, this house becomes important in the analysis. As it is not, then Saturn in this house can be deemed to lack strength which is a good thing. This means the inauspiciousness of this house has minimal impact.

House 1:
The House of Impermanence

Planets placed in this house tend to manifest themselves in an impermanent way. In our example, the planet here is Mercury, indicating that impermanence has to do with communications. Mercury also has to do with children, so this means that the person will have difficulty having children. At most, the person will have only one child and this too with great difficulty.

House 6:
The House of Sickness

This is the most difficult house in the chart. In this house, we find the biggest problems. If the planet here is Jupiter, since it stands for friendship, it means the subject has problems with friends. Planets in this house may cause diseases. In that case, the person is sensitive to diseases that have to do with Jupiter, such as headaches.

Houses coloured in green offer a more positive meaning. Thus:

House 3:
House of Fame

This house shows how the person is known or recognised. Here, since Mars is in the House of Fame, it suggests the person will overcome all competition in life and this is how others will perceive this person – as being all – conquering and triumphant. Suppose the Moon had been in the House of Fame. In that case, the person would be recognised as being caring and sensitive. This house shows how somebody is perceived by others.

House 4:
House of Wealth

This house gives information on what makes the person feel contented. Here, Venus is in the house of wealth. This means that being rich and beautiful is what makes this person feel satisfied and contented. It also means the person does have it, since Venus is the birth planet and the more the person enhances Venus, the richer and more beautiful he/she will be. Suppose we had the Moon in house 4, in that case, taking care of others would make the person happy. Jupiter in the house of wealth would suggest the person likes teaching others and helping others to improve. The House of Wealth does not neccesarily mean becoming wealthy.

House 5:
House of Kingly Position

This house reveals the aspirations and ambitions of a person. It shows what he tries to accomplish and what he needs to do to be successful in his own eyes. Here, Moon in this house suggests a love of travel and being constantly on the move. It also suggests that success comes from travel and recognition comes as a result of travel.

House 7:
House of the Leader

This house gives information on what motivates the person and what his or her talents are. In this example, the person will be motivated by being in a leadership position because the planet here is the Sun.

So in the example chart, the person has Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter in difficult houses. This means everything that has to do with these three planets is under stress. If the person is born on a Thursday, which is a day of Jupiter, it is important to strengthen Jupiter, because the person will meet many problems related to the planet Jupiter (like problems with teachers, friends, advisors, and the law). This will be a major source of aggravation to the person. To overcome these aggravations it is good to strengthen Jupiter by wearing silver and strengthening the earth element in his/her surroundings. Similarly, it is also necessary to strengthen Mercury or Saturn should either of these be the ruling planet.

Mahabote clearly shows one’s weak and strong points. For example, Venus, the planet of love and beauty in the House of Wealth means that the person is definitely beautiful or loves beauty, is creative and successful in making money and probably also very wealthy.

Venus, the planet of beauty & commercial business, in the House of Wealth shows that the person has creative skills. In this example, everything that has to do with the planets Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars signify the strong points of the person.

Using Mahabote to identify weak and strong planets makes it a wonderful tool for offering counselling regarding the best kind of work for anyone. It is also an excellent tool for self-analysis.

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The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2005)". To subscribe, please click here.