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The Art of Tzi Wei Dou Shu

Most people are only familiar with the animal signs associated with their year of birth. Authentic Chinese Astrology moves way beyond what is generally understood by the reading in the animal year which is only the tip of the iceberg of what we actually call, Chinese Astrology.

What Can Chinese Astrology Do For You?

Although our lives are predominantly mapped out by fate, we are still sentient beings with independent thoughts. We make our own decisions and this too plays a role in shaping our destiny. Chinese astrology can help us map out our life paths. Infinite as they may be, it gives a view of the probable paths or routes that we will eventually walk.

Opening Your Eyes

Imagine you are walking down a narrow path and come across a puddle of water. If you were not paying attention you would have walk right into the puddle and made a mess of yourself. But if you did know, you can decide to walk through it, walk around it, jump over it or just turn around. Chinese astrology can help you see these probable events in the future. They outcome will still be up to your decisions. Chinese astrology allows you to take a glimpse at the script, but how you play your part is still up to you. (Of course there is another factor to this equation: Earth Luck. This is basis of the study of Feng Shui, which is a discussion for another day.)

Not Just About The Future

There are two types of Chinese Astrology: Tzi Wei Dou Shu and 4 Pillars of Destiny. For the past decade, Tzi Wei Dou Shu has become the most popular system of astrology for practitioners in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The reason being, Tzi Wei Dou Shu has the unique ability to pin point the innate abilities and potentials of a person. A skilled astrologer can even tell a person’ s character, his or her skills and abilities, how do others perceive him or her and how they interact with their surroundings. This is very useful as it may open doors that even he or she did not know existed. Not only does it tell you what is to come but what is here and now, inside of you.

A Brief Explanation Of The Tzi Wei Dou Shu System

It is believed that Tzi Wei Dou Shu was written down during the Tang Dynasty and made popular during the Sung Dynasty in ancient China. Tzi Wei Dou Shu reading is consists of 12 palaces, in which each represents one significant aspect of a person's life. A complete chart is plotted by allocating 14 major stars and 26 supporting stars according to the particulars of birth of the person (birth year, month, day, time, sex, and place). It is a highly complex system, which in total, forms more than 150,000 combinations!! According to the ancient texts, there are more than 80 stars than can be inserted into a destiny analysis chart, but in modern actual practice, half of these 'fictitious' stars can be ignored without affecting the accuracy of the reading. This is a direct result of simplifying the destiny analysis process by removing stars that no longer present us with use. Here is a brief explanation of the 12 palaces.

The significance of the Twelve Palaces are shown below:

1. Life Palace

This palace is concerned with your general outlook, the inborn capabilities, the level of achievement and your character. It also governs your potential development, wealth earning capabilities and your life's scope of development. It is the most important palace.

2. Brothers and Sisters Palace

This palace is concerned with the relationship with your siblings, whether you can join them as business partners in business or not. It also tells of your relationship with close colleagues, whether they will be helpful or not in your life.

3. Spouse and Marital Palace

This palace indicates whether you would enjoy a happy marriage or not. It also explains why some people get to marry many times, like Liz Taylor, and some stays single their whole life. It describes your married life, indicates what kind of person your spouse is and whether or not your marriage is successful and happy.

4. Children Palace

This palace was once used to indicate the number of children one would have. But it has become inaccurate nowadays, as there are means to control the desired number of children. The children palace reveals your relationship with your children and sometimes even subordinates and your personal students. It shows whether the children will be rebellious or obedient and their general character.

5. Wealth Palace

This palace is concerned with your level of income; whether you have to work very hard for it or often has windfall fortunes. It describes your financial situation in general. This palace also indicates the way you should make your money, your wealth luck (strong or weak) and earning capability/capacity.

6. Health Palace

This palace describes and indicates your health in general. It is concerned with your health condition, physically and mentally, and the possibility of injuries caused by accidents. It can also indicate what type of sickness you are particularly prone to and in certain instances, it can indicate if there any fatal accidents.

7. Travel and Mobility Palace

This palace indicates whether one should stay in his hometown or travel far away to have better achievement in career. It also shows the level of his sociability. It also can describe your external or public relationships. This palace explains whether you are lucky in one place or more suitable to move away to another town. In some cases, it can foretell a traffic accident.

8. Friends Palace

This palace shows whether your friends and subordinates are loyal or if they will betray you. It can describe your friends or hired help are. It also shows their relationship with you, will they help or hurt you. You can determine if your business partners are good or bad with the indication in this palace.

9. Career Palace

This palace indicates how you should develop your career, whether you are suited to work for people or set up your own business. It indicates what kind of career you should pursue and what sort of achievement you can expect.

10. Property Palace

This palace governs your living environment and how much property/investment/inheritance you are likely to own. It describes your living environment, whether good or bad.

11. Fortune Palace

This palace reveals one's thinking and behavior. It describes your mental state of happiness, indicates the length of life spans. For example if a person has a very poor Life Palace, a good Fortune Palace can make some dramatic changes to his life condition. The Fortune Palace indicates one's spiritual enjoyment and peace of mind. It also can show whether or not you know how to enjoy life.

12. Parents Palace

This palace tells of the relationship with one's parents and with his/her superiors in general. It indicates the prospect of inheritance and sometimes it can indicate whether parents are separated or not. Tzi Wei Dou Shu incorporates the element of time in the analysis. The reading can be further concentrated into decades of Ten Year blocks, One Year Blocks and Monthly Blocks. It is a sophisticated calculation that is used to map out the cycle of one's life path: highlighting the auspicious and inauspicious periods for a specific aspect (Palace) of an individual’ s life.

Final Words

Chinese Astrology, in particular Tzi Wei Dou Shu has grown in popularity in the past decade. Especially in these uncertain times, everyone wants that little extra help. That glimpse into what may come. Many people have realised that reading the Sunday Morning Horoscope or just buying a book of the shelf may no longer be sufficient.

These are often too general and lack accuracy. People from all walks of life are turning to more sophisticated forms of astrology to help them get through their lives. Some find that knowing what will happen will ultimately affect your actions in the future. This, they say is unnatural. I beg to differ.

Knowing what will happen WILL affect your actions to some degree. But what if it allows you to prepare for what is to come? What if it can help you choose the best route in life? What if it can tell you where your innate skills, abilities and potentials lie?

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