How to Dejunk Unwanted Files from your Computer and Work Desk

Dejunking your mind and your space should also extend to your computer, which stores so much of our rubbish these days.

Make it a habit to regularly dejunk your computer. It is better for the running of your computer and keeps it in good condition. You will find it really easy to trash ninety percent of your electronic mail because so much of it is junk anyway. But do make certain that old emails are really thrown away and not simply lying in your trash folder. This can be likened to the basement or attic of your home until you get around to clearing out all the unwanted debris.

Once a month, spend an hour or so determinedly deleting all of your unwanted pictures, files, memos and emails. You will find that doing this is not only good for your computer, it feels good for you too, as you are symbolically deleting unwanted information and freeing up your brain space. Don’t forget that doing this extends the principles of clearing clutter to the tools of the 21st century.

Keep Your Work Desk Clear of Junk

Your workdesk should be kept reasonably clear of junk.


  1. If yours is a working style that requires piles of files and papers on your desk, then at least make sure that the mountains of files and paper is not placed directly in front of you, blocking your view. This will only cause your view of work itself to become blocked.
  2. Do not place piles directly behind you either, as this means you will always feel weighed down with work. Instead, keep files and papers to your left in order to simulate Dragon chi.
  3. Desk drawers have a way of becoming clogged with a variety of things that cross a working person’s daily life at the office. Do not let these things choke up your career. A congested desk will create “traffic jams” in your working life. Instead, keep the chi moving, especially the chi on your desk. Let nothing stagnate.
  4. If you have fresh flowers in your room, for instance, change the water daily and throw out wilting flowers, as there can be nothing more damaging to your working life than dying blooms.
  5. Always keep any decorative items on your desk to a minimum. Framed photographs, crystals, pen holders, executive games, feng shui enhancers and so forth, should all be kept to a sensible number. If these things threaten to overwhelm the tabletop, there is no space left for new opportunities to come in.

Keep purses and handbags clear of clutter to attract good fortune and money luck

Dejunking unwanted stuff from your life to enhance the space around you is incomplete without also clearing the junk that lies under the pile of stuff in your bags and purses.

A woman’s handbag is the ultimate store of junk such as receipts, credit card slips, odd pieces of paper, lipstick, business cards, pens, notebooks and heaps of personal effects. Within one week, a handbag can bulge with a truly amazing collection of assorted clutter.


  1. Carry the Annual Amulet to activate the positive energies of the year

    Empty your personal handbag once a week to get rid of unwanted rubbish.

  2. Place the items nicely in an organized manner to allow the energy to flow in.
  3. Always place amulet protection inside your bag.
  4. Clean out your bag regularly. A clean purse is very auspicious.
  5. Get rid of soiled money and don’t let the amount of coins you carry become too heavy.
  6. Separate the receipts, credit card slips and odd pieces of paper in another wallet. It is worth carrying a separate pouch in your handbag for this.
  7. In general, it is best to use a red colour which keeps it constantly energized with yang chi. However, do take note on the yearly energies as some years may require different colours.
  8. Place three coins tied with red string inside your wallet to attract money luck. And never let your purse become tainted with soiled money.
  9. If possible, keep a dollar bill from a rich person’s pocket in your own wallet at all times, to create wealth energy for you.
  10. Change your wallet when it is spoiled or tarnished. It is bad feng shui to use a wallet that obviously looks over-worn and old.