How to Attract All the Blessings of Heaven



There is no denying that the best kinds of luck come from the heavens and in 2023, they are brought by 3 wonderful heavenly stars, namely the #6 Heavenly Star in the West and two Heaven Seal Stars located in NE1 and NE3.

Heavenly stars help lighten the load by clearing your path of obstacles and guiding you to make the right decisions. They attract windfalls, enhanced networking luck, mentor luck and new opportunities as well. With the heavens backing you up, you can confidently make the most of your lucky indications while avoiding the pitfalls of your unlucky ones.

Here’s how you can benefit from this year’s abundant celestial energies.


The #6 Heaven Star in Period 8 is in its “dead chi” state but accessing its cosmic vibrations is easy. The first course of action is to fill the West part of the home with lots of activity; turn on the lights, fill it with music, use it to hold parties and entertain guests. Note, however, that the West also plays host to the Three Killings and Natural Disaster Star so before you bring this sector to life, remember to remedy these afflictions with the Three Celestials Mirror and Ksitigarbha Mini Plaque. Once they are dealt with, you can safely activate for good fortune with the right enhancers.

The best activator for the #6 Star in 2023 is the Golden Rising Dragon. The celestial Dragon represents all the best energies from the heavens above and when it holds a pearl in its claws, it signifies the achievement of one’s goals. The colour yellow is especially lucky since it represents the colour of the missing element of Earth, which stands for Resource Luck this year. As resource luck is the kind of luck needed for every other kind of luck to materialize, trying to start any project without it will very likely be an uphill battle.

Another fabulous activator for the #6 Star is the Jade Emperor Windchime. This has the Jade Emperor on one side and Gui Ren Talisman on the other to bring leadership luck and attract wise mentors and benefactors into your life. To ensure you capture the auspicious energies of the #6 wherever you go, you can also carry the keychain version or wallet friendly Jade Emperor Gold Talisman Card.


The NE welcomes 2 Heaven Seal Stars from the 24 Mountains. For this, we have identified and crafted 5 of the most well-known Tara Goddesses in beautiful dancing poses to symbolize joy, celebration and happiness. Each Tara has one foot positioned in front of the other, indicating an ever readiness to come to your aid.

Tara is the embodiment of female sacred energy; full of wisdom and compassion. When one is in danger of any kind, or in need of help or assistance, she is known for her ultra-swift response to any call for help. Having these 5 Taras in your living space and chanting their mantras daily not only eases everything that you do but brings powerful blessings and good fortune luck as well when placed in the NE. They are:

GREEN TARA who dissolves all one’s troubles and helps to fulfill all of one’s wishes when she is called upon for help. Her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.

GOLDEN TARA who bestows prosperity and wealth, ensuring one can always afford what one desires. Inviting her into the home ensures the family never falls on hard times, protects against any kind of cash flow problem, and solves bickering whose root cause lies with money problems. Her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE MAHA PUNYE SOHA.

BLUE TARA who protects against danger of all kinds. Her presence in the home will help to ensure that nobody with ill intentions will be able to enter or even get close to the home or family. An excellent enhancer for the NE as it also plays host to the #7 Loss Star in 2023. Her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE VAJRA TAKA HANA LITSA PHAT SOHA.

RED TARA who is the Tara of Magnetism. She bestows charisma and charm to those who call on her for help. Her presence attracts fame, power and a good name to those who adopt her as a mentor and chanting her mantra regularly will help one develop the kind of disposition that magnifies one’s popularity and likeability, increasing one’s influence over others. Her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE BODHI CITTA SOHA.

WHITE TARA who brings good health and longevity. She is a wonderful Tara for anyone suffering from health woes, and also for the more elderly members of the family. Her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE MAMA AYUR PUNYE JNANA PUSHTIM KURU YE SOHA.