Creating a “Yang” Home

This issue, Chris Yeo, our architectural and design consultant, focuses on using open plan living to ensure the home always stays yang and infused...


Aunt Agga Issue #81

Create the CHI of WEALTH


Wealth Gods

Aunt Agga Issue #108


What’s Under The Carpet?

You really must be careful of what's under the carpet. For months I had been so unwell. Apart from my right shoulder causing me...

Lillian Too’s Spiritual Feng Shui 2018: Introducing the Worldly Protectors and the Cosmic Protectors

Just before the New Year each year, Lillian Too holds her annual Feng Shui Extravaganzas to share invaluable tips and advice on the coming...

Reversal of Fortune! Never Spell Your Name Backwards!

If you are already successful, powerful and rich, you MUST be alert to NEVER display, wear or carry an accessory that can symbolically cause...


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Enrich Your Life With Journaling

Journals serve a multitude of functions, from preserving our most precious memories to tracking goals and managing various aspects of our daily lives. The...

10 Strategic Renovation Ideas (Part 1)

CREATIVE REMODELLING WILL REFRESH THE ENERGY OF YOUR HOME These days there is plenty of talk about high oil prices, higher cost of living and...

Manipulating Materials to Achieve Balance

One of the exciting aspects of Design is the ability to try new materials and ideas in order to change the way we perceive...


Aunt Agga Issue #59

KITCHEN IN THE NORTHWEST Q We are staying in a rented house where the kitchen is in the Northwest sector. We can’t even move the stove...