Giving My Mattress a Sun Bath: Re-energize Your Mattress to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Picture here shows me next to my medium weight mattress on a bright sunny morning.

It is so beneficial to give your mattress a sun bath every now and then, as the benefits transcend the physical and awakens good spiritual energy flows within the body! This vital ritual of wellness results in a super recharging of the bed you sleep on, and as every expert on the science of ageing knows, the quality of our sleeping hours has a great deal to do with how gracefully we grow older. In this connection then, everyone’s mattress needs to get regularly replenished with the best source of Yang energy, which is the sun, as it contains strong reserves of Yang CHI. This balances out the YIN energies of the night and makes your inner essence a great deal stronger. It is worthwhile to make the effort to take your mattress out into the fresh air, even if it means having to hire in some strong men to help with the muscle work.

Not only will the sunshine penetrate deep into the mattress to remove all remnants of damp that can cause aches and pains to the body, the sun also flushes out all the toxins and bacteria that builds up from months of it being out of the sun. From a feng shui perspective, giving the sleeping surface a sun bath brings a big dose of yang chi that adds to its reserves of precious life-enhancing cosmic energy. Because the weather was very hot in the month of April, we needed only three hours of bright sunshine to make my mattress young again.


Choose a good day when the weather has a strong sun shining brightly. Choose a spot in your garden or on your balcony. Place a few stools on which to place your mattress, as it is preferable to placing the mattress directly on the floor or grass. Elevating the mattress also ensures that it does not soak in dampness from the grass or microscopic mites directly from the floor or garden.

The Chinese believe that when the sleeping surface is placed directly onto the earth, certain ritual permissions need to be requested from the Earth Goddesses. Otherwise, who knows what kind of naga energy can permeate into the mattress?

It is this danger that prompts many grandmothers to also insist that mattresses are given a good beating with either a bat, golf club or polo stick! The scientific explanation is that doing this will get rid of dead human skin cells, dust mites and their feces. The spiritual reason is that the beating will frighten off any spirits that might otherwise find themselves a home in your mattress!


Let the mattress sit in the sun for several hours. Remember to turn the mattress around to ensure an even sunning; it also does not hurt to give it another good beating before finally bringing it back into your bedroom.

Additionally, I have been advised to sprinkle sea salt onto the mattress as it dries in the sun. This ensures that nothing negative attaches itself or lingers within the mattress. Sprinkling baking soda onto the mattress is also excellent. Leave this in for about half an hour before brushing the salt away. Do not leave residues of salt or baking soda on the mattress as the salt will cause vital chi essence to get pulled out of your physical body. The salt can make your body very vulnerable to a variety of ills.

It is important to ensure that the mattress is completely DRY before dressing it up with sheets and covers. Insist on this too when buying a new mattress. Moisture in the mattress is the principal cause of muscular pain. Moisture also encourages the growth of mildew, mold and various kinds of bacteria.