Give Your Baby a Lucky Name

A rose by any name does not smell equally sweet. Nor as well endowed! These days, the world is turning increasingly esoteric, and with the imminent arrival of another very important new baby – yes we are referring to the forthcoming second child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge – We are carrying this important feature on crafting a name! Our Numerology expert brings you powerful pointers to get things right, bright and beautiful for those of you with a baby on the way!

Will the name of the Kate Middleton’s second child bring luck to the future monarchy of England?

As we go to print, the world awaits the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s next child! With the due date confirmed for April, everyone is speculating as to whether the new royal will be a prince or a princess! If the clues left by Kate are anything to go by, then baby number 2 is a Princess! Already, Kate has been spotted shopping for pink baby clothes and ordering pink colour samples for her royal nursery!

There is also lots of hot discussion on what they plan to name their new bundle of joy! British bookies have already declared ALICE, CHARLOTTE and ELIZABETH as the hot favourites for a girl, and JAMES or ARTHUR for a boy. For girls, ALICE is the name currently leading in the betting charts! Will this be an auspicious name for the new royal? You, the reader, can work this out by following these useful tips for crafting an auspicious name.


All expecting parents share the exciting and somewhat daunting task of choosing the perfect name for their newborn. The choice is endless! Just visit and you will find thousands of names you can filter by Jewish, Irish, German, African, Arabic, Italian, Asian or whatever heritage you wish!

But here’s a starting point: make a list of all the names that you as a parent feel a strong connection with. Once you have a list, check the meaning of each name and do basic research on historic figures associated with the name. Rule out names with negative connotations or those that make you feel uncomfortable. For instance, did you know the Spanish name “Lola” means “Sorrow”, or that “Jezebel” has unwholesome connotations?

For Kate and William, the boys names put forward – JAMES and ARTHUR – are strong traditional British names, but carry secret meanings that could cause potential problems for the monarchy. The name “Arthur” is generally associated with King Arthur of Camelot who ruled Britain during the late 5th century. The name “Arthur” means “Bear”, a powerful animal who can survive the coldest winters. It is a strong name for a first born son, but could prove too powerful for a prince who is second in line to the throne, as his personality might well outshine that of the Crown Prince George. The other name suggested – “James” has an even more confrontational meaning. The name James means “to replace” or “to supplant”; again, not exactly appropriate for a second prince!


None of this is real cause for concern if our new royal turns out to be a princess! Any of the three names put forward have wonderful meanings. The current favourite “Alice” means “Noble Kin” and the second favorite “Charlotte” means “Free”. The third choice “Elizabeth” means “God is my Oath”, so all three have excellent connotations.

When choosing names, to stick wholesome names that do not carry overly ambitious aspirations for the child. Not all children are natural-born leaders or high-achievers, so think carefully before selecting names like “Raja” (Indian) or “Roy” (French) which translates to “King” unless your child is the first-born or an only child! It might also be good to take a look the child’s birth chart before deciding, as naming your child something too high and mighty usually leads to problems if the child cannot live up to the expectations of the name given!


Choosing names based on their meanings is a great start, but if you want your child’s name to work wonders for their future, there is a more sophisticated method available. Here, Indian Numerology stands out as one of the most practical methods.

Numerology experts explain that our names are not given to us “by chance”. There is some kind of cosmic influence at work, and each of us gets the names we deserve due to our past life karma. These are names our parents felt drawn to at the time of our birth, when the planets and constellations were aligned in a particular way. Consequently, our names reflect the influence of these planetary positions either positively or negatively.

Hence, the name that we use most often to identify ourselves has the power to shape our personalities, our success potential and our destiny. According to numerology, people with auspicious names have greater propensity to thrive well, and those whose names vibrate clashing energies can attract obstacles throughout their lives.

So how do we craft an auspicious name based on numerology? The complete method requires an entire book to explain, but it isn’t necessary to get it 100% perfect in order to enjoy positive results.

Here are some key things to get right:

A Match the first letter of your child’s Name to your child’s day of birth

In numerology lingo, the first letter of person’s name is known as the ASCENDANT letter, as its sound is the first to be enunciated whenever a person is called. Hence the ascendant letter has the greatest vibrational force in a name and exerts significant influence in one’s life. The other important numerical vibration comes from our day of birth, also known as the Psychic Number.

When both the ascendant letter and psychic number are in harmony, one is said to enjoy a more positive outlook, especially during childhood years up to early adulthood. On the other hand, if a person’s ascendant letter clashes with his or her day of birth, then from the time he/she is born, obstacles will tend to plague his or her life.

So for example, if your son is born 1st April, then his day of birth (psychic number) is 1. Any name that begins with the letter A, J or S (all these letters have numerological values of 1) supports his day of birth. 1 is the number of leadership and the planet Sun, and using a name that starts with A, J or S accentuates all the qualities and attributes associated with the number 1 in the person’s personality.


It is useful to note that the letters A (1) and J (10) are known as “natural 1s”. They are natural 1s because their position in the alphabet vibrates solely the qualities of the number 1. The letter S however, vibrates other hidden numbers. This is because S is the 19th letter of the alphabet and carries the original numerological value of 19. It reduces to 1 when the two digits 1 and 9 are added up. Hence the letter S vibrates qualities of 1, but it also vibrates hidden qualities of 9 because its original value is 19.

If for some reason you are unable to choose a name for your child that begins with an ascendant letter that matches his/her day of birth, you can also choose names that begin with letters that have a harmonious relationship with your child’s day of birth. The key here is to avoid names that begin with letters that clash with the day of birth. Below is a table that summarizes the relationship of all the different letters with every possible day of birth. Letters that are not listed here have a neutral relationship with the day of birth.


The second thing to work out is the DESTINY NUMBER of your child. The destiny number is derived by adding up all the numbers in your child’s birthdate (day, month and year) and then reducing it to a single digit. For example, a person born on 22nd December 1968 would end up with the destiny number of 4.

2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 31 ➞ 3 + 1 = 4
Note: If the destiny number reduces to 11, 22 or 33, do not reduce any further.

I mentioned earlier that the day of birth (psychic number) influences our lives a great deal, but much of its vibrational force peaks at early adulthood and begins to lessen as we progress towards middle age. Around the age of 35, it is our destiny number that begins to vibrate in greater force, and it is this number that exercises greater influence in one’s ultimate destiny.

Once you know the destiny number, you can begin the fun of calculating the NAME NUMBER of all the different names you have on your shortlist. The name number is derived by adding up all the letters of one’s FULL NAME (first and last name).

An auspicious name is one where its NAME NUMBER matches the DESTINY NUMBER or is harmonious with the DESTINY NUMBER. The auspiciousness is further enhanced if the first letter of the name (ascendant) carries a value that is also harmonious with the DESTINY NUMBER!

* note that 11 and 22 are special. If your child is born on day 11 or 22 of the month, then choose a name that begins with the letter K or V (respectively) as it is superior to all the other ascendant letters in the alphabet.

Below are all the harmonious and clashing number combinations:

Let’s work through an example:

In this example, we have worked out that Kim Kardashian’s Name Number is 11. And her Destiny Number is 22. Can you see why she has become such a huge sensation? 11 is a special number known as the Master Double. 22 is also a special Master Double! Both her name number and destiny number are in perfect harmony because 11 and 22 are very harmonious. Notice that in her case, Kim’s ascendant letter is K, which carries the numerological value of 11! This is in perfect harmony with her psychic number (1) as well as her destiny number. Definitely Kim Kardashian’s numbers are all in sync, and her name brings her very good fortune indeed!

C Look for names with DOUBLE LETTERS

Finally, when choosing names, look for those with double letters occurring in the middle of the name, as this brings an added bonanza of luck! For example: DEBBIE, TOMMY, ANNIE and so forth! Names with double letters occurring in the middle of the name vibrate special luck in their 20s and 30s. Names with double letters occurring towards the end of their name (e.g. SWANSONN, JOHANN) enjoy special luck towards their 40s and 50s.

In the case of William and Kate’s newborn, the name CHARLOTTE is the only one of the three names predicted that enjoys the double letter T. Whether this turns out to be auspicious for the child will depend on the exact date she is born!