Get Straight A’s For Your Kids

The Chinese have always emphasized on education. To them, education is imperative because it represents an avenue of escape from the dreary peasant lives most lead. The sons who managed to do well in the annual ancient Chinese Imperial examination would be awarded a government official post, bringing honor to the family. Therefore, the emphasis on education was always the focal point of each parents’ height of aspiration.

Here are some tips on how you can improve your child’s study by rearranging his or her room using Feng Shui.

Position of study table

Make sure your child is not working at a desk that is below a toilet on the upper floor as this generates bad killing energy.

Position of study chair

Where your child sits is also important too. Make sure that nothing sharp or pointed is directed towards the chair, as this will create more killing energy.

Study table surroundings

Have your child sit with his or her head facing the best study direction and with solid support behind (i.e. wall, closet) or a painting of something solid i.e. a mountain.


Try not to have your child sit directly in front of a window. Your child would lack the support needed to study well.

Avoid hanging paintings of water (i.e. lakes, waterfalls) or placing any hostile or pointed objects (i.e. pictures of guns, wild animals, etc.) behind the desk where your child sits.

Observe your child’s study area and desk. Are there any protruding air-conditioner, exposed overhead beams or edges, or sharp edges of furniture, pillar or protruding corner nearby? Be observant of these factors as it brings killing energy.

Child’s Bedroom

Is there a tree near your child’s bedroom? Try not to have one, as it is detrimental to his or her concentration on studies.