Gemstone Bracelets: A Girl’s New Best Friend

They look cool, they feel good, they attract all kinds of good vibrations – yes, the latest IN thing these days are gemstone bracelets also known as Buddha beads. Wear them any size, any colour, smooth or faceted, single colour or mixed – the best news is that every natural stone emanate some kind of enhancing and healing power. So you can wear whatever catches your fancy!

Gemstone bracelets are so good for revitalizing tired energy, cleansing stagnant Chi and attracting positive vibrations that wearing them has never been a secret. Many ancient civilizations have the tradition of adorning their hands with precious gemstones. The reason for doing this is to enable the Chi energy from the bracelet to merge with the Chi energy from the pulse point at the wrist. Not many people realise this, but the wrist is one of the most powerful entry points into the body’s flow of Chi.

Select stones you feel you have an affinity with. Wear them smooth if you want the obstacles in your life to dissolve and your relationships to be peaceful. Wear them faceted if you want to attract opportunities. Wear yellow citrines or any yellow stone for career advancement and wealth-making opportunities. Wear smooth red corals to create the luck of recognition and wear green stones if what you want is to jumpstart your luck.

Here are some more suggestions to help you select the bracelet that is good for you. Feel free to mix and match. And you can be as greedy as you wish. There is no need to stop at one or two. Wear half a dozen to create a concentration of yang energy.


Wear Red Agate to encourage good luck to flow towards you. Often called “the Firestone”, agate makes anyone more energetic and sociable. Agates promote prosperity and can be used to great benefit in business and personal matters.

Wear Blue Agate to attract calming energies from the Southwest. A bracelet of blue agates will enhance your creativity and promote great harmony in your life. Wear this stone bracelet on your left arm.

Wear Aventurine to enhance the creative process and to improve your motivation in life. It is an excellent for people in the creative line bringing good fortune and new opportunities.

Wear Amethyst to improve your thinking processes. Worn on the left arm, faceted amethyst stones encourage logical thinking. When the stones are round and smooth, they are effective for reducing anxieties and stress caused by overwork. Amethysts are excellent for students who wish to improve their analytical ability. Those who are weak at math and science subjects will find that wearing faceted amethysts bracelets will help them improve.

Wear Amber to revive good fortune from the past. Amber is known as the stone that possesses “the soul of the Tiger”, so it makes one brave and courageous. Amber is also excellent for awakening one’s latent spiritual affinities, so it is excellent when used as prayer beads. They will ward off various manifestations of bad luck such as accidents and being cheated or let down. Amber encourages mental stability and helps combat feelings of insecurity.

Wear Natural, Clear Quartz Crystals for many different benefits. To begin with, crystals will enhance your spiritual growth, so they too are excellent as prayer beads. Crystals bring wonderful grounding energy. Wearing them will improve one’s natural ability to heal oneself and fight diseases. Crystals also help those who fear change or transformation. They make excellent gifts for those who might be suffering from the afflictions of old age.

Wear Citrine to encourage the flow of money luck. Wear these citrine bracelets on your right arm. Citrines come in different shades of yellow and for career luck, they should be a bright golden shade of yellow. Citrines are also excellent talismans for those in managerial or supervisory positions.

Wear Chalcedony a light blue opaque stone if you appreciate some calming energies in your life. This is an excellent stone for mature women, as it balances the body’s different chakra points, in the process healing those with hormonal imbalances. Wear this stone on your left arm to activate it.

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Wear Red Jasper for romance. They are very suitable for single men who have problems with the fairer sex. Single men who lack marriage luck should wear red jasper bracelets on the right arm. This will stimulate and strengthen one’s sexual stamina.


Wear Rose Quartz if you are married and you wish to improve your love life. Rose Quartz beads help an angry person to let go of anger, bringing forgiveness, comfort, unconditional love, peace and harmony. It can also be worn as a pendant, and when worn as a bracelet, it is best worn on the left arm. It also reduces stress-related illnesses and mood swings.

Wear Rutilated Quartz for its soothing and healing properties. This stone is highly expensive, but for those who are aging, it is worth it as this is a stone that promotes youthfulness in the mind and the body. People who fall sick frequently should wear this stone.

Wear Hematite for improvement in all your interpersonal relationships. These stones are found in both the magnetic as well as the non-magnetic form, Magnetic Hematite promotes good health by encouraging smooth blood circulation. Hematite can also improve interpersonal relationships and promote the manifestation of an attractive personality. Wear the bracelet on the right arm to improve blood circulation thru the stimulation of all the chakra points.

Wear Tiger Eye if you are a grown man. This stone is not suitable for women, but it is a good stone for men, as it encourages mental stability, flexibility and dynamism. It is an excellent talisman to be worn for those starting out in their new careers as it stimulates determination, willpower and the strong desire for success.

Wear Jade to promote constancy in love. The Ancient Sages used to wear the Jade stone on their forehead to improve wisdom. Jade encourages love and good health. It is an excellent stone for newly weds and new parents. Women should wear them on their left arm, while men should wear them on the right arm.

Wear Malachite to create faithfulness and physical energy. This is an excellent stone for newly weds and for those wishing to enhance their marital relationships.

Wear Blue or Green Obsidian if your self-esteem and personal self-confidence requires a boost. Blue Obsidian bracelets are an excellent antidote for fighting depression and letting go of anxiety. Green Obsidian are for promoting self-confidence and self esteem and keeping the “blues” away.

Wear Lapis Lazuli to encourage good fortune from all the ten directions. Lapis lazuli encourages yang energy from all sectors. It is also a spiritual stone whose latent powers need to be released for its awesome power to flow.

Wear Black Onyx for genuine friendship. Black Onyx will encourage the flow of impartiality and diplomacy. Remember to wear these stones on the right hand to reap maximum benefits.