Fireworks Bring Good Fortune

Today something came up on my FACEBOOK which sent a thrill of joyous energy through me, and this was the video of a FIREWORKS display in Singapore. It was a short but nevertheless joyous clip and it gave a very good feeling indeed. It made me feel that the “heavy” energy I felt when in Singapore recently for my Spiritual Feng Shui event has lifted.

I had been very uncomfortable with the “heavy energy” I felt while I was there. I love Singapore so much, yet had felt that every step I took there that weekend had been so “heavy” indeed. I was so grateful I followed my instincts to recite the Heart Sutra together with those who came to share the day with me. Somehow it lifted the energy so much.

Reciting the Heart Sutra collectively in the ballroom of the Marina Mandarin that Sunday sent a boost of adrenaline through me and that evening, even though the Malaysian Airlines flight we were on got cancelled, and its replacement flight got cancelled again, we successfully transferred to a SILK AIR flight that was scheduled to leave at around the same time. There were five of us and I can tell you it is never easy to get so many seats at the last minute. Happily, we were able to get on the flight, which I later discovered was completely FULL when we flew. There were no delays at all! Everything went so smoothly.

I call this amazing indeed and we all got home safely.

It was a very pleasant flight and we got back to KL with no delay – all five of us despite both of our pre-booked flights being cancelled! I attribute this to the beautiful power of this amazing Sutra and want to share this with those of you familiar with this short sutra that is associated with Vultures Peak in Bodhgaya. I have made a silent vow that if my “frozen” shoulders get better and I can make it, I will organise a trip to Bodhgaya this coming January. Those who want to come with me on pilgrimage to this holy place in India, please do write in to let us know (, and as soon as I am able to, I will let you know.


These days, this very sacred pilgrimage site is very popular, especially when HH the Dalai Lama is there. That is when the small village is literally swamped with thousands and thousands of devotees. Nevertheless, I have discovered over the past years that when we place a sincere thought in our hearts into the Universe, the wish we send out will miraculously happen.

Send a thought into the Universe and the energies will conspire to make your wishes come true! So let’s send this good wish out and dedicate this to whatever you need to happen!

Click here for the Heart Sutra