Finding True Love at the Age of 55!

For many, finding love can be elusive! Every month we receive plenty of queries from readers of all ages seeking advice on how to find a boyfriend, how to get a proposal and how to mend a broken relationship! So this month I thought to share a lovely story about a woman I knew many years ago, a lady who was convinced she was doomed to live her life as a spinster, until she activated the love corners of her home!

It was 16 years ago while I was living in Michigan that I met an American lady named Lorraine* who had just been hired as a contractor to work with me on our IT projects.

Lorraine was in her fifties when she joined the company. We struck up an instant friendship. She was fun and vivacious – a mature lady who had kept herself very well for her age. Lorraine was game for anything and we became office buddies – spending many lunches together sharing our thoughts on everything from office politics to shopping to men!

Over our many lunch chats, Lorraine confided that she was once married but had been living the life of a single divorcee for more than 20 years. One afternoon, Lorraine popped by my cubicle and Lillian Too’s feng shui book on my desk caught her eye, igniting a conversation about feng shui. Our chat led to discussing our love lives. Very casually, I told her how Patrick and I had met and connected very soon after I energized my Southwest corner!


At the end of our little stop-by chat, Lorraine turned to me and said very seriously, “I think there’s something wrong with my apartment. I can’t seem to stay in a stable relationship ever since moving into this place, and I wonder if it has anything to do with this feng shui thing you’re talking about!”

Finally she said to me, “Tell me, can this Chinese art of feng shui thing really help me find someone? Can it bring a good man into my life and make our relationship last?”

I assured her that this was one of the easier things to achieve using feng shui. Her eyes sparkled and she said, “If yes, sign me up! I’ll try anything!”

Her eyes lit up and she did not waste any time!

That weekend, Lorraine invited me to stay with her at her apartment to check out her feng shui. The minute I took directions and looked at her floorplan, I could see what the problem was. Everything in her apartment was against her as far as relationships went. Here are some of the glaring feng shui afflictions that caused Lorraine to remain single for so long, why despite her trying, all her love relationships simply could not let her connect!


The sector that governs all relationships in any home is the Southwest sector. The Southwest is also the location of the Matriarch, and when it is afflicted or locked up, the luck of the woman of the house starts to decline – especially in her relationships and in the state of her health.

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Here in Lorraine’s apartment, her Southwest was seriously afflicted. Not only did she have a kitchen here, she also had a store room occupying a large part of her SW corner. Inside her store room, Lorraine kept many old and worn-out cardboard boxes and electronic junk; it was no wonder Lorraine had such a terrible time finding the right kind of romance!

When I asked her about her health, Lorraine told me that she had a small growth in one of her ovaries several years ago causing her to have an operation to remove them!

KEY POINT: Apart from conjugal happiness, the Southwest is also the location that represents the abdominal region or the womb. For good reproductive health, marital happiness and relationship luck, the Southwest should always be kept clean and vibrant, well-energized with plenty of Fire and Earth energy. Here, Lorraine’s relationship luck was trapped in a storeroom filled with rotting boxes and things from her past. It was definitely necessary to clean out the store room. Throwing out all the old stuff and better yet, demolishing the Southwest storeroom here would surely bring positive changes and also make way for new relationships to come into her life!


Lorraine also told me the type of man she seemed to be attracting.

“They’re simply NOT my type at all! Either they are unemployed, living with their mothers, or working in positions far below me!” she said. A few years ago, Lorraine came close to getting engaged to a man named Peter (a respectable Mortgage Loans Manager) whom Lorraine met at a dance party. After a year of dating, Peter moved in with her and that was when things started going downhill.
A month after Peter moved in, he was passed over for a promotion. He began missing his loan targets and eventually, the bank had him transferred to a smaller branch. This caused plenty of angst between the couple, and eventually, Peter moved out and left Lorraine. That ended the affair because Peter was convinced the relationship had affected his luck and he was probably right!

KEY POINT: When I checked her floor plan, I realized the problem. If you look at her plan, you will see that Loraine had a walk-in closet in the Northwest and this locked up the luck of the Patriarch! Houses where the Patriarch’s corner is either afflicted or missing cannot bring good fortune to the man of the house. Lorraine’s apartment was definitely working against her and any man who may be in her life. A locked-up NORTHWEST makes it difficult for any woman to find a suitable man and keep him. Even for those who are married, when the NW is locked up inside a storeroom, it brings bad luck to the man of the family!


As if the NW and SW afflictions were not enough to completely destroy her love luck, I discovered also that Lorraine’s Personal Love Corner was also under feng shui attack.

According to the East/West theory of feng shui, each person has four good locations that govern Success (Sheng Chi), Health (Tien Yi), Love (Nien Yen) and Growth (Fu Wei). In Lorraine’s case, her Kua number was 8, so her personal Love corner was in the WEST. Unfortunately for her, Lorraine’s WEST corner was occupied by her bathroom and toilet!

KEY POINT: The Nien Yen corner represents an individual’s personal romance luck corner. If a bathroom, toilet or storeroom is located here, it causes one to lose out in relationships. It also brings difficulties with conception and family life. Anytime she feels she has met someone special, something will happen to flush her newfound love down the toilet! Simple and sad, but oh so true!


I explained everything to her and this caused Lorraine’s jaw to drop! She was so stunned she simply could not believe how the bathrooms and storerooms of her apartment could have affected her love luck to such an extent! Nevertheless, Lorraine decided to do something about her feng shui afflictions. She conceded that her old apartment unit was due for a renovation anyway, so she decided to trust me and implement all my suggestions:

  • Firstly, I asked her to “free up” her Southwest storeroom. I advised Lorraine to remove the door and walls, and get rid of half her junk. For some reason, she had kept kitchen appliances from as long ago as the 80s – cake mixers and charcoal toasters! It took some convincing, but Lorraine finally gave in and threw them all out! After getting rid of the big pieces of junk, she installed waist-level cabinets to store knick-knacks neatly out of sight. Then she energized the corner with her lovely collection of crystals. Crystals signify Earth energy and it is ideal for love! She also installed a bright light (which I advised her to keep turned on day and night) and a hung a lovely piece of art on the wall that showed a couple embracing lovingly.
  • Secondly, I asked her to do the same for the trapped Northwest corner. Lorraine embraced the idea with enthusiasm as she had long wanted to demolish the walk-in closet and transform it into a study nook. So Lorraine removed the walls, got rid of the old closet hangings and created a little study corner where she could use her laptop computer during the nights. I advised her to create a window in that area so that Chi could enter the NW corner, hang a picture of a man dressed up in a suit (her type of dream man) and hang a set of windchimes there as well. The windchimes signify Metal energy, so good for energizing the Northwest.
  • Finally, I asked Lorraine to sit facing WEST while dining and watching TV. This was essential so that she could benefit from her personal Nien Yen love direction, especially since her Nien Yen was being harmed by the bathroom there. There was nothing she could do about the bathroom in the West, so I advised her to activate the West corner of her bedroom and living room with a pair of mandarin ducks.


Lorraine took about three months to complete the changes, but the results were worth it! Even before her renovations were completed, she began to notice changes in her love life.

Out of the blue, she began receiving invitations from male friends and ex-colleagues who wanted to take her out for dinner and drinks! But the best thing that happened was Lorraine began dating Hamish – one of the senior managers who worked at our firm!

Hamish was truly her dream guy – he was a senior executive who held a stable, high-powered job, he was tall and handsome, also a divorcee – and he wore a suit – exactly like the Hugo Boss model she had hung in her NW study nook! Within a year, Lorraine finished her contract with us and the two moved in together. I’ve lost touch with Lorraine now, but many years later after I left the US, I connected with all my ex-colleagues through Facebook and they tell me that Lorraine and Hamish got married and the two had moved to Florida to begin a new life together! Truly a very happy ending for them!