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Financial Trouble and What To Do When Your Toilet's In Your Career Section

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 3rd June 2008

Dear Lillian,
I WOULD very much appreciate it if you could give me advice on the following subject and I hope that this could be helpful to other readers as well.

I work from home, so I have a small office in the living room. The desk is in sectors 9 (South) and 5 of the whole flat, sitting at the table, I face West. The main flat door is in sector land at the same time, facing the North.

Last September, I placed a beautiful picture of a sailboat (heading into the room) above the desk and it seemed to be working wonderfully. (it is in sector 6 of the living room, but 9 of the whole flat).

About three months ago, I got into a huge financial problem related to my job. Due to my small income, my debts have accumulated. What’s more, I am now forced to buy the flat from its owner. While this would have been great under normal circumstances, right now I have no way of financing it because of the debts.

Do you think that the fire element of the south sector where the desk is could be colliding with the water element of the sailboat picture? I read that according to your flying star predictions, the south sector is one of the most inauspicious this year. Could it mean that unless the table and/or the picture are moved to a more favourable place, it would be difficult to change my situation?

The south west sector of finance is furnished with a tall lamp and green plants. In the middle of the south sector is a big red painted statue of Buddha with a golden ship. I am a water bull and my ‘kua’ number is 6. I know there could be hundreds of other factors influencing this but if you would be so kind to give me at least some clues, I would very much appreciate it.



Dear Ivana,
MOVE your desk out of the South immediately; It is of course the desk being in the South that is causing you problems.

Here the afflictions are hard to withstand - the five yellow which brings misfortunes, the three killings which bring loss of things you hold dear and of course the direct clash with the Tai Sui which brings problems such as the one you are facing.

The SW meanwhile is also afflicted with the bur­.glary star so you see as soon as we crossed Feb 4, all the bad chi of the new year started working against you.

My suggestion is also for you to move your desk out of the South and face East to capture the good energy of the East. You need to subdue ALL the afflictions hurting the South with the right remedies such as the Pi Yao and the five element pagoda and then you need to change your facing direction. Presently, you are facing West which will get you into trouble with the law or into debt or quarrels. Please do go to my website and access the archives which tell you how to overcome all the afflictions of 2008. This is important to make sure you do not suffer the bad luck brought by the year to certain sectors.


Dear Lillian,

FIRST of all, thank you so much for sharing your feng shui expertise in the WOFS magazines and websites. I have also purchased some feng shui enhancers like the mandarin ducks (which I’ve used and have resulted in my marrying a very loving husband), a carving of a pomegranate (resulting in the birth of a beautiful daughter) and the wish fulfilling birds (my wishes came true as a result).

My problem now is with our current apartment, which we are renting. I just realised that due to the layout of the apartment, both my husband’s and my sleeping positions face our inauspicious directions. My husband is an Ox (1973) while I was born in the year of the Boar (1971), thus making our kua numbers 9 and 4 respectively.

We both belong to the East group. Our sleeping position is in the North East. I’ve tried to change the sleeping position but the other alternative is to face South West. I can’t find any other positions suitable for both of us due to the built-in wardrobe and large window. My question is: are there any preventive cures to counter this inauspicious sleeping positions? I feel that it is causing us a lot of missed opportunities.

Next, our toilet and bathroom are in the North sector of the apartment. I’ve read in your books that the North sector is the career sector, thus the toilet would be seen as flushing away any career luck. As it is the only toilet and bathroom in the whole apartment we’re renting, are there any preventive cures I can use to counter this inauspicious position?

Jennifer Cho (UK)

Dear Jennifer,
JUST to make you feel better, everyone goes through this problem. NE is better than SW this year. I know that you are both East group people but NE is the direction of the Ox which means that it will not harm your husband, and if it does not harm him, it does not harm you.

As for the toilet being in the North - well, the toilet has to be somewhere right? So do not worry - just place a large crystal geode inside the toilet and keep it closed at alltimes. This suppresses whatever negative energy is created inside and prevents you from feeling any ill effects.

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