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Feng Shui Ornaments to Fend Off Bad Luck

By Marilyn Ten

Borneo Post
Sunday, February 7, 2010

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As usual, with every New Year come predictions from feng shui masters on what lie ahead.

According to World Of Feng Shui(WOFS) boutique director Liew Shaw Pin, 2010 brings forth a challenging and competitive year.

“This is a year when everyone will be competing with one another for jobs, wealth and such like”, he said. “It’ll be a year when you may find your best friend or even close colleague stabbing you in the back while some people may lose their jobs or get retrenched.”

This forecast, Liew explained, was due to the absence of the significant ‘Lap Chun” this year.

“The ‘lap chun’ marks the first day of Spring in the Chinese Lunar Calendar that usually falls on either February 4 or 5 every year. “ However, as Chinese New Year falls on February 14, it means we don’t have Spring in the coming year. The Chinese believe a New Year without Spring denotes a weak year ahead. Without Spring, there will be no significant growth,” he said. Liew also pointed out that the Paht Chee chart was “very unbalanced” as water is completely missing from the main chart and the hidden chart.

“The Paht Chee charts are created based on the four pillars of a person’s birth data and these are the year, month, day and hour of birth. The four data generate two elements each, comprising the heavenly stem and the earthly branch of each year pillar.

“Thus, there are eight characters generated from the four pillars of the birth data,” Liew said, revealing this year’s characters comprised Yin Earth, Yin Wood, Yang Earth, Yang Metal, Rabbit Wood, Rooster Metal and Two Tiger Woods.

Without water, this suggests a complete drying up of resource. So how do we activate ‘water’ to maximise luck in 2010?

This can be done simply by placing water in your home, said Liew who practices symbolic feng shui and believes the afflictions can be countered with representations.

According to him, everything has a symbol to represent a particular thing, so to place water in dwellings; he recommends the Dragon, Tiger and Rabbit fountain.

“Invite a Dragon into the home so that you have the Dragon’s symbolic presence which then combines with the Tiger’s and Rabbit’s of the Paht Chee chart to form the seasonal combination of spring.

“With the lack of ‘lap chun’ for the year, these three animals will make up for it as the Paht Chee chart shows the presence of the Rabbit and the Tiger while the Dragon can save the year,” he explained, adding that the Dragon becomes the vital link that could reduce discord and disagreements.

Besides placing the Dragon, Tiger and Rabbit fountain, Liew also suggested carrying Water Globe Amulet keychain that contains a drop of water in the globe.

“Unfortunately, the amulet is currently sold out all over the world. The most recent stock we has was shapped up within three to four hours in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, so you can imagine how vital it is to have water this year,” he said.

Nevertheless, one can also opt for the aquamarine bracelet available at WOFS, which Liew said is the best resemblance to water for crystals.

While the year may be treacherous for many, Liew revealed there were many ways to counter the afflictions faced by each person born under his/her Chinese zodiac sign.

Click below for information on each Chinese zodiac sign.

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