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Feng Shui for Braving the Winter Months

Dolly Sidhu, our correspondent from Toronto, Canada, anticipates the upcoming chilly months of Winter with great tips on balancing the natural Yin energy with Yang elements in countries that enjoy the glory of all four seasons.

As the year comes to an end, the warm, yang energy we experienced through the spring and summer leaves the environment and our lifestyles. Temperatures transit from the crisp autumn chill to the numbing freeze of winter and we are subjected to an abundance of yin energy from the environment. This prevalent force influences us immensely as we are not only braving the cold weather, but also persevering mentally during a very busy time of year. Businesses often find themselves striving to end the commercial year on a good note. Students are swamped with exams, assignments and deadlines. The end of the year is also a very important time when families and friend gather to take part in many festivities.

With longer nights and shorter periods of daylight, it is important to activate and preserve Fire energy.

Uplifting the dominant dull, yin chi with vibrant, warm energy can be achieved through a number of simple practices. You can replace rusty, brown and earthly autumn tones with the reds, burgundies, oranges and deep greens of the winter festive season. Place these around your home by changing items like pillow cases, quilts, bedspreads, tapestries, table cloths or place settings. Placing lit candles around your home will also create a steady flow of rich, warm energy during the winter nights. As with the oncoming of any season, you can enhance the flow of energy by cleansing your entire home with sea salt; wiping down furniture and table tops will awaken any stagnant chi present from before.

November and December mark the festive season of looking towards the future with hope and fortitude. The season first brings us Diwali in early November, soon followed by Thanksgiving. December brings Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s and Kwanzaa. Every one of these celebrations brings yang energy and cheer that elevates the positive vibrations. We can make the season even more wholesome by practicing things like decorating Christmas trees with mystic knots, crystal balls, water globes or double happiness signs to boost harmony and balance.

The long winter nights is a great opportunity to share food and good conversation, or just to enjoy the company of family and friends. Whether or not you observe any of the festivities is regardless. With the environment in hibernation due to decreasing temperatures, people are more inclined to stay inside and enjoy the comfort of a home. So throw a party, invite over loved ones and share your home, food, company and cheer!

Year end is a time to reminisce and be thankful for the blessings you have; what better way to do so than planning a night for you and yours. An important teaching of Feng Shui is that it is important to maintain a healthy balance of everything in your life; yin and yang. With changing seasons, it is imperative that we balance our lifestyles to accommodate for these shifts in energy.

With colder environments, we must rely on other sources for rich, yang energy.

In the coming winter months, look to yourself, your family and your friends for the supportive energy you need to get you through this cold time of year. It’s just like they say: “Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Tis the season to be jolly!”

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( November/December 2010 )". To subscribe, please click here.