Feng Shui Extravaganza 2017 Singapore: Old Friends & New Friends

Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganzas have become a firm date in the diary of anyone who takes feng shui at all seriously, but whether die-hard fan or once-a-year updater, this annual Sunday is most definitely a MUST-NOT-MISS event…

Singapore’s Extravaganza held at Suntec City Convention Center on Sunday Nov 20th buzzed with incredibly positive energy from the 2500-strong crowd made up of friends and followers from the world over. Friends and fans flew in from as far afield as America (North and South), Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as from all over Asia to keep their “date” with Lillian.

Over the years, this has become not just a fantastic learning event, but increasingly also a social one where like-minded individuals mix, mingle, catch up and share notes with Lillian and her team at WOFS, as well as with each other. The Lillian Too Alumni is a tight-knit one – with classmates from Master Practitioners and Master Consultants Courses at the Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui using this event as an excuse to renew their ties. For Lillian herself, she says “It is simply so thrilling to catch up with students who have over the years also become very good friends.”

Carola flew in from New York, and said, “Although Lillian does not know me, she has helped me in more ways than she can imagine. I have been reading her books and following her Extravaganzas and online courses since I was in College, and she has completely transformed my life.” She came with a bagful of designer scents in miniature bottles for Lillian, as she said “Lillian mentioned in one of her videos that there is no better feng shui than always being surrounded with beautiful fragrance. She said she never leaves with home without perfume, so this is just a small gift from New York as a small token of appreciation!”

Another lady from Singapore, whose sister lives in England, has been a regular Extravaganza attendee for over ten years now. She says her sister introduced her to Lillian Too’s feng shui, and before she used to attend just to pick up all the necessary feng shui cures and enhancers for her sister – but then she started to learn feng shui and applied it in her own life, and now she is even more of a “fanatic”! Also in attendance were all our friends, business partners and course graduates, who bring such wonderful energy to the event.



Lillian started up the morning session familiarizing her audience with the 2017 charts – first up was her Four Pillars analysis. Says Lillian, “It is not just important to know what each element means in each new year, but more important is how to make them work for you in the coming year.” And the best thing about all of Lillian’s talks is not just how clear she makes everything – with her catchy color-coded charts and fully illustrated slides – but her incredible charisma and the spot-on way she explains how to make feng shui work for you. Chinese New Year comes early in the Year of the Rooster 2017, which is why the event is much earlier this year, to give everyone plenty of time to update the feng shui of their homes and living spaces before the new energies take hold.


Flying Star feng shui is another major segment that needs to be addressed at the start of each new Lunar year. And while last year was a doom-and-gloom “Black Year”, this year is a White One, which holds out a lot of promise. There are, as always, sectors to be careful of, those afflicted by malevolent stars, but if you install the appropriate cures, keep the right areas of the home quiet, and plan your feng shui correctly, you are bound to reap the benefits.


A particularly exciting aspect of 2017 is the number of wonderfully auspicious stars there are to tap. Lillian explained the Polaris to her audience, with some incisive tips on how to make sure these lucky indications actualize for you. Feng shui should not be difficult, it should be precise. If you know precisely what to do, you won’t get it wrong. That is why Lillian Too’s method of feng shui works, because she gives very explicit directions on what to do, how to do it, when to do it.


The Extravaganza event is always a fab opportunity to pick up your cures and enhancers for the coming year at very special deals, as well as gifts and friends and family for Christmas season. You can also browse a huge range of auspicious jewellery, accessories and lifestyle products designed with auspicious insignia, syllables and mantras. There is a wide range to suit all tastes and budgets, but Lillian is resolute about just one thing – that with the mantras and magic syllables are properly designed, written and printed on – because just one syllable out or one calligraphy detail done wrong and they hold no power.