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Feng Shui Mauritius

Feng Shui - Courses on How to get Rich

If you wish to attract wealth in your life, the course on “ Making a Wealth vase” could well bring you whatever you are dreaming of. This course is
offered once every month by Vijayal Sunassee, Feng Shui Consultant, on 1st floor, Harbour Front Complex, Port Louis.

In that course you will be taught how to fill in the wealth vase. It could look simple to do, but the truth is that there is a way and an art to fill in the vase. “The wealth vase used to be the secret of the Chinese Emperors. They filled it in with secret ingredients so as to perpetuate their wealth from genation to generation. Today these ingredients are now known”

The classroom can accommodate 8 persons. Those interested can phone on 2082088 to book their seats. The course is free, but you would need to buy the wealth vase, which you would then bring back to your home. The cost of the wealth vase depends on the amount and type of ingredients put in.”