Feng Shui Art Placement Ideas for The 2021 Flying Star Chart

There’s something magical about hanging art in your home, as it dresses up your walls, it brings your home to life, it stamps where you live with your own unique personality.

That’s the really fun part about collecting art, and there is no need to do it all at once – you should purchase art when you come across something that stirs something in you. But remember, when inviting art into your home, you should be ever mindful of the energies that they radiate.

Only hang art with auspicious meaning, art that makes you feel happy when you look at it. Never hang art of fierce animals, portraits of people looking melancholy, or scenes that depict poverty, suffering or destitution.

The sectors of the home you choose to display your art is also mightily important – try not to have clashing elements when you pick the perfect corner for your newly-acquired art piece. Even better if you can activate the resident energies of any corner with symbols and images that resonate with the particular energy in question.

Feng shui and art is so fun because art is another way that one can enhance the luck of one’s living abode, making use of the symbols and elements that are so very important when it comes to the practice of modern feng shui.

WOFS has been working with Lucy Deslandes who hails from Australia for over a decade now. She came to Malaysia to learn feng shui with Lillian Too and WOFS over ten years ago, and over the subsequent years, Lucy has combined her feng shui knowledge with her artistic talent and entrepreneurship to great acclaim, creating a wonderful collection of feng shui art pieces that have been designed with good fortune and good energy in mind.

Lucy’s art is now also available as art prints in the highest quality, and can be acquired through www.fsmegamall.com

In this article, Lucy shares some ideas on pieces you may like to use to energise the flying star chart of 2021.

#1 Star in the South

Placing this “Auspicious Goldfish” print in the South activates the good fortune of this lucky star.8 Goldfish and 1 Black is well known as the most auspicious combination to keep. This print represents wealth and prosperity. Abundance is activated with fish, symbolically drawing good fortune towards you.

#2 Star in the North

To subdue this illness star, place this print of the “Wu Lou”. The Wu Lou is the symbol that activates Health Luck. The dark blue in this Wo Lou represents water and as the #2 is in the North, it is a good remedy. The white adds the metal element to enhance water.

#3 Star in the Southwest

“Pink and Gold” softly embracing each other in this painting has a soothing effect. This is a beautiful cure for the flying star #3, as it restores peace and calm.

Bring harmony into your space with this delightful piece. It will also enhance the relationship sector with its gentle fire energy.

#4 Star in the East

This is the perfect choice to enhance Peach Blossom luck for the East this year.

“Peach Blossom” is a symbol of softness, peace, purity and spring. The renewal of life, it is wonderfully feminine and a good omen at weddings. Also very good for new growth and gratitude.

#5 Star in the Southeast

Place this print of “Pear Tree” in the Southeast to subdue the 5 yellow. One single Pear in a Tree represents the beginning of new life. The rewards of your intentions bringing forth fruit.

The Pear is a symbol of health, blessings and money flow. It also bestows wisdom and inner peace. This mosaic pear represents new opportunities and new beginnings. Gold to supress the star, and blue to support the Southeast.

#6 Star in the Centre

To support this beautiful star, place the “Yin & Yang” print.

Yin and Yang is a concept of dualism in ancient Chinese philosophy, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. Yin is the receptive and Yang the active principle, seen in all forms of change and difference.

In feng shui, the balance of yin and yang is an important ingredient to how the energy feels. It is regarded that living spaces be more yang and restful environments more yin.

Bringing this ancient symbol into your home helps to soothe and balance the environment. The gold vibration of this piece activates metal and earth sectors of the Pa Kua.

#7 Star in the Northwest

7 Star in the Northwest creates instability to the Patriarch. Place this “Angel Wings” in the Northwest to provide protection to the Patriarch. The blue helps to subdue this violent star. The gold is gently helping the NW metal element. Images of angels add wonderful support to you. Adding protection and a loving presence.

#8 Star in the West

To enhance this very fortunate star, place the “Gold Mountains & 5 Trees” print.

Mountains are vital for good Feng Shui in the environment and signify the source of heaven luck. A solid mountain behind you provides stunning support and protection and helps to get your work and efforts recognized. This mountain holds a massive cache of gold, signifying immense success accompanied by rich rewards.

It enhances the West because of the strong metal element of this image. Hang behind you to offer you support and to energize the abundance it offers.

#9 Star in the Northeast

To enhance this auspicious star, place the “9 Phoenix” print here.

Phoenix rising! The number 9 represents the completion of a cycle and the fire energy is encouraging new thoughts, patterns and movement upward. A great good fortune enhancer for long-lasting prosperity and good reputation.There is a lot of yang in this piece, so I suggest it is placed in a living area not in the bedroom.