Feng Shui Art Ideas for the New Year

Feng Shui is all about flow, and each new year, it is extremely auspicious to get rid of at least one piece of furniture you no longer need, and invite in at least one new piece. This rejuvenates the energy of your space and ensures it never gets stale. The same goes for the art you hang on your walls…

But be mindful that the art you hang, as well as evoking emotions that make you feel good, should harmonise nicely with the changing energies of the year.

Lucy has some great ideas for 2022… Have a read.

#9 Star in the South

To activate the #9 star’s fire element, place this Hai Scout Bamboo print in the South. Bamboo plants are considered lucky in Feng Shui as they are fast growing plants that thrive even in the most challenging environments. The hollow structure of the plant is believed to help in the movement of positive chi energy, which in turn, generates more abundance and prosperity.

#2 Star in the Southwest

Utilise the magic of Gold Wu Lou by placing this print in the Southwest.

Wu lous symbolise good health, long life and prosperity. Gold represents Metal, effectively exhausting the Earth energy of the #2 star, while also activating for health luck.

#7 Star in the West

To remedy the #7 star in the West, place the Three Turtles print.

Ancient Chinese believed the turtle contained all the wisdom of heaven and earth within its shell. Today, you can use turtles in feng shui to attract safety, and good fortune. The turtles swim in calm yin waters, subduing the strong Metal elements of the #7 star and the West sector.

#6 Star in the Northwest

To activate this auspicious star, place the 100’s of Birds – natural in the Northwest.

Birds are wonderful symbols of freedom that bring new opportunities into one’s life. The earthy background strengthens the Metal element of this star, supporting the patriarch and enhancing the knowledge sector of the Bagua. These birds are best placed flying into the house or environment.

#1 Star in the North


Enhance the water energy in this career sector by placing the Fish print here, especially if you want to activate for career advancement.This print represents wealth and prosperity. Abundance is activated with fish, symbolically drawing good fortune toward you. Do note that the fish must be swimming into the environment and not out the door.

#8 Star in the Northeast

These Pink Poppies are all about the elements! Activate the Earth energies of the #8 Star with this Earth and Fire print. As Fire produces Earth in the cycle of elements, placing a field of poppies in the Northeast attracts great wealth and prosperity.

#3 Star in the East

The Quarrelsome #3 Star flies into the East in 2022. Golden Flowers depicts golden light flowing over a field of flowers and is the perfect choice to calm and subdue this star’s strong Wood energy.This painting represents lightness and freedom.

#4 Star in the Southeast

To activate the romance star, place Two Birds in a Rainbow Tree in the Southeast. Not only does it encourage love,the rainbow colours also add a playful and light-hearted element to the environment.

#5 Star in the Centre

To remedy the #5 Star in 2022, place Angel Wings with Sacred Geometry in the centre sector.

As the #5 star is particularly strong, all efforts must be made to subdue its double Earth energy. The completely Metal energy of this print will help quieten this vicious star. Help from the heavens are represented by angel wings, with Sacred Geometry to support.