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Feng Shui and Your Health

As I continue my sharing of feng shui and teaching classes, one of my most popular classes has been "Feng Shui and Your Health". Amazing, huh? Because of the popularity of this subject here in the USA, I wanted to share a little with you all, globally . . .

As we know, feng shui means wind and water . . . the 'flow' of things. We see a lot of definitions that state that feng shui is the Chinese art of placement .... A lot of times I get a "huh?" on that one ... I smile and say, "you know . . .where you put your stuff!" Ahhhhhhh.....feng shui!

In the movement of our stuff in our homes, we change the energy so it flows better and walla ~ life changes come about! Okay, so, Jan, please tell us something that we don't already know! Please keep reading :) . . .

Our spirits have a house too ~ it's our body. Our bodies are where we "really live"!

So doesn't it make sense that if we REALLY want to make some major changes in our lives that we need to pay attention to how the energy flows in and through our bodies? Ahhhh.....feng shui!

In feng shui we directionally align ourselves to manifest the most auspicious chi (energy) and how it comes (flows) to and through us. We align ourselves in these ways to manifest our heart's desires and to improve our lives.

Applying this directional alignment medically we begin looking at how negative or blocked chi (flow) may manifest disease, whereas, positive and proper chi (flow) can manifest health.

As we look at the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dating back nearly 5,000 years, acupuncture is based on the belief that as chi flows through the body, it maintains all of its functions.

The flow of the chi through our bodies is predictable, in that the chi flows along meridians or pathways governing our different organs, organ systems and our physical condition. Utilizing acupuncture stimulates the chi at designated points along the meridians that balances the flow of chi in our bodies.

In Chinese medicine and Feng Shui the dynamic duo of yin and yang are ever present in the essential life force of "chi"! Without yin there would be no yang and without yang we would not know yin . . . the all of nature contains a balance of yin and yang. Therefore, when the body's balance is upset illness results!

We are in the midst of a worldwide health crisis and disease knows no boundaries!

My heart is encouraged as I watch the philosophical boundaries between East and West diminishing with the realization born that the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine of the East and the modern medicine of the West are "complementary" likened to the "tai chi" of life!

In the words of the ancient sage, Lu Tung-pin:

"The human body is composed entirely of essence, energy and spirit. If you do not cherish your essence and dissipate it recklessly, it is like pouring water into a cracked cup. Instead of filling the cup, it will leak away until it is depleted to the last drop. If you do not cherish your energy and dissipate it carelessly, it is like putting incense on hot coals and continuously adding fuel to the fire until the incense has burned to ashes. If you do not cherish your spirit and dissipate it indiscriminately, it is like setting a lamp out in the wind unprotected and letting the wind blow on the flame until it is extinguished."

In Taoist tradition essence, energy and spirit are the Three Treasures of Life. We are all blessed with these Three Treasures . . . what we do with these treasures is up to us!

"The body is the temple of life. Energy is the force of life. Spirit is the governor of life. If one of them goes off balance, all three are damaged. When the spirit takes command, the body naturally follows it, and this arrangement benefits all Three Treasures. When the body leads the way, the spirit goes along, and this harms all Three Treasures."
Wne-tzu Classic (first century BC)

"You cannot change the direction of the wind but you can change your sails to still reach your destination"
--Jimmy Dean

Which direction are you headed . . . you can still "change your sails" for health!

I wish you health, longevity and discovery of spirit!


Abundant blessings of peace,
Jan McCracken
Chief Visionary
"Simply" all about Feng Shui!  

About the author: Jan McCracken resides in Ventura, California, USA and is a graduate of Lillian Too's Master Practitioner Program. Jan's Feng Shui studies also include certification from the American Feng Shui Institute, Gary Hendrickson's Weaving the Web and Black Hat Practitioner Training. Her professional background includes over 20 years in the Property Management business. Jan currently offers traditional Feng Shui consulting in Southern and Central California. She is in the process of launching an exciting new website which we will make available to you in the very near future. Jan would love to hear from you ~ please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..