Feng Shui 2020:
Your Luck in the Coming Year of the Metal Rat

The year of the Metal Rat begins on 25th January 2020. This is followed by the Lap Chun on February 4th which means that the coming year has ample growth energy to help the economies of the world. This is going to be an exciting year with both good and bad news, enabling those who are well-informed to come out of the year much better off.

The feng shui 2020 charts indicate a challenging year filled with many potential pitfalls and traps that can lead to loss. This is mainly due to the powerful Robbery Star which enters every home in 2020 – this affliction needs strong feng shui remedies. Fortunately, there are also positive stars that indicate big success for those empowered to succeed.

Quarrelsome energies also afflict the world; so the more patient and calmer you are, the higher your chances of doing well.

According to the feng shui chart of the year, the cardinal directions of the South, East and North are not so lucky save for the West corner. This means that people that belong to the East group need to be more careful in the coming year, while West group people have more luck on their side.

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The RAT in 2020 is the ruling animal sign of the year, thus enjoys the support of the Tai Sui. The Rat has good Life Force but weak Spirit Essence, which indicates it needs to work on boosting self-confidence. While the Rat may be short on vigour and vitality, which should be corrected with the correct cures, there is excellent wealth luck. The good news is the Rat is a highly resilient sign, and challenges are what spurs the Rat on to become the most successful version of itself.

The OX in 2020 is blessed with the auspicious Victory Star with winning luck strongly on its side. The Ox can easily beat the competition and come out triumphant in any endeavour it chooses to pursue. It should endeavour to always keep good luck on its side by getting its timing right, and by using suitable placements and enhancers to activate the good fortune that comes its way in 2020. Ths Ox also enjoys Small Auspicious, which can be converted into BIG success! For the Ox, this is a year full of great potential!

The TIGER in 2020 enjoys excellent prospects with the confidence, impetus and drive to go after whatever it is it wants. It should harness good fortune luck by activating the Victory Star, and by energizing personal success energies with the power of the Windhorse. The Tiger person can rise up very high in whatever field it focuses its attentions on. Blessed with leadership luck and a great deal of influence, the Tiger should make use of its natural charisma to get ahead. Wealth prospects are also promising.

The RABBIT in 2020 is feeling strong with the inner drive to succeed. But it needs to watch out for the Five Yellow affliction, which threatens to manifest obstacles that dent its confidence and slows it down. For the Rabbit, the most important thing this year is to suppress the wu wang affliction, and then pursue its ambitions with single-minded determination. So much potential for the Rabbit-born in 2020. But it must make use of its high success indicators by keeping active, ambitious and motivated.

The DRAGON in 2020 has so many exceptional indications! This is a year to go after whatever it wants because luck is on its side in a BIG way! The Dragon has Big Auspicious luck coming from the direction of its soulmate the Snake. All its Element Luck indicators are promising. The Dragon also enjoys heaven luck from the feng shui winds. As long the Dragon can match its lofty ambitions with short term achievable goals, this is a year when it can leapfrog into the big leagues! The Dragon’s instincts are good so this is a year it can follow its heart. Those with good discipline can achieve brilliant results this year!

The SNAKE in 2020 has outstanding Flying Star and 24 Mountains indications! This sign is blessed with the luck of helpful people and mentors guiding you. Big Auspicious comes from the direction of the Dragon, so working with anyone of this sign is good for the Snake. But it needs to watch the Robbery Star, which can cause money loss. The Snake’s element luck also needs boosting. The year ahead looks promising as long as steps are taken to activate its strengths and suppress its afflictions.

The HORSE in 2020 has some serious afflictions, so its first priority should be to cure these. The Illness Star brings a warning to avoid dangerous physical pursuits, while the Reducing Energy Star encourages the Horse to put more attention to leading a healthy lifestyle. The Horse also has the Tai Sui Conflict to contend with. Apart from these afflictions, the Horse enjoys good success luck. It can pursue dreams to good levels but needs to be careful not to push too hard.


The SHEEP in 2020 can look forward to an year when you can attain increasingly higher goals as the year unfolds! You have superior element luck which brings determination of spirit. Efforts meet with results quickly, which spurs on the Sheep’s inner drive. There is much love and romance for Sheep people looking for this kind of happiness. The Scholastic Star brings accolades to the young Sheep, and makes it easy to learn new skills. A satisfying year for those who know how to harness their good fortune luck!

The MONKEY in 2020 has not one or two, but THREE AUSPICIOUS STARS! It has the added benefit of the ruling sign of the year the Rat as its astrological ally! Feng shui winds bring relationship luck, so help comes from all directions. Friendships flourish and doors are held wide open. The #4 star attracts mentor luck, so the Monkey should listen to advice given by elders. The student Monkey is also blessed this year and can achieve great success! The Monkey just needs to watch its element luck indicators; it must not allow envious rivals to dent its self-assuredness.

The ROOSTER in 2020 has immense good fortune coming its way! It has TWO BIG AUSPICIOUS, which get magnified by the #9 Future Prosperity Star. This is a year to build on a growing fortune that lasts well into the future! The Rooster should think long-term when making plans. Success will be the kind that brings results in the long term, which can be de-motivating if short-term results seem slow in manifesting; but remember that when success comes, it comes in a BIG way. The Rooster needs to fire up its inner energy, because there is big wealth to tap.

The DOG in 2020 has prosperity luck on its side and a whole host of fabulous indications from the 24 Mountains Constellations. It has Small and Big Auspicious coming from the direction of the Rooster, so working with Rooster people bodes well for the Dog. The Dog should not dismiss new opportunities to make money – wealth luck is promising but only if actively pursued. Those who go after what they want can achieve success.

The BOAR in 2020 enjoys excellent money luck! The #8 star brings great potential for amassing wealth, while element luck indicators gives it the drive to go after whatever it is it wants. But to jumpstart this good fortune, the Boar needs to set clear goals. For the Boar, the most important thing this year is to surround itself with people who boost its confidence. It should avoid peer pressure that leads to bad decisions. Success this year depends on determination levels, but also on the company it keeps.

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