Face Reading: The Luck of Your Face

Face-reading is the art of reading a person’s personality and character from their facial features. Although this practice can be found in many cultures all over the world, the Chinese have combined the features of one’s face with Chinese fortune telling.

According to ancient texts, the fundamentals of Chinese face reading deals with the principles of the 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, as well as the principles of the 3 periods of life, which is associated with the 12 phases of life.

As you can see in the above photo, your face is divided into three distinct segments.

The upper segment falls from your hair line to the upper tip of your eyebrows, and this corresponds to your coming of age phase, which is from your early teenage years till your early 30’s.

The middle segment falls from your eyebrows till the base of your nose and this represents your adulthood phase, from your 30’s – 50’s. The lower segment falls from the base of your nose to your chin. This represents the retirement phase of your life.

Skin defects such as birth marks and scars in different segments of your face indicate a period of your life that is filled with challenges. Thus the Chinese believe that when you have a clean and clear face free from any blemishes or scars, it is indicative of a smooth and lucky life.



There are two very important aspects of the face believed to represent wealth and prosperity.

One is to have a smooth and fleshy forehead, free of blemishes; this is always a lucky sign that you will have a life filled with comfort, and success will come easily to you. When your forehead is bony, it means a difficult childhood with lack of money.

Another is if you have well-formed nose that is proportionate and smooth with a rounded tip. This means that you will have money. In fact the rounder and bigger the tip of your nose, the larger your potential for big wealth. A small nose can be read to mean a lack of career success. Enhance your career luck >>


Your children luck is indicated by the part of the face that is just under the eyes. Generally, if you have a slight fold here, it indicates good descendants’ luck – it that you will have filial children. When this part of the face has a pinched look, or there are birthmarks present, the indication is a lack of descendants luck.

Dark circles under the eyes are often not a good sign, so you should always make sure you get enough sleep. If your dark circles persist, use a camouflage stick to improve the appearance. This will also improve your children and descendants luck.

Young couples trying to start a family should make certain the wife and husband do not have excessive eye bags, as this blocks descendants luck, making it difficult for the wife to conceive.


How well you get along with your brothers and sisters are indicated in the area just above the eyebrows.

When this part of your face has an indentation of any kind such as a pinch or deep wrinkles above any part of the eyebrows, it means your siblings will depend on you and sometimes cause you grief.

If the flesh here is firm and smooth however, your brothers and sisters will be of enormous help to you. It is possible to have both these signs, and if so, then siblings will be a help, but they also depend on you.


When the tips of your ears and the area between your eyes and your eyebrow is smooth and fleshy, means you will have the luck to live in a mansion. When this part of the face is thin-skinned and pale in colour or have blemishes or discolorations, then your asset luck is not strong.

The most important sections of your face are those located along the center line of the face, and especially the space in between your eye brows.


Your eye brows should never extend to this part of your face and you should not have any stray hairs growing here. If you have some hairs here, remove them by plucking them off. This part of the face is also the entry into the spiritual third eye, and the clearer this part of the face is, the better is the indication in terms of luck.

The skin and flesh here should be firm. Any moles, indents, blemish, birthmark or discoloring here suggest major obstacles and mishaps.


Further down along the bridge of the nose, if there are any markings here, it indicates accidents during middle age when you are in your forties. The nose represents your wealth luck, while the area under the mouth shows the number of people who serve you, either as employees or as subordinates. The more well-shaped this area is, the more likely it is that you will be a boss rather than a subordinate.

The smoother this part of the face under your mouth is, the better will be your relationship with children and subordinates in your old age.When there is a “pearl” on the tip of the upperlip, it is a good sign you will marry into wealth and you will have a good marriage.


The location of your ears is also significant in face analysis. Ears that are placed high and reach the level of your eyebrows indicate success at an early age. If your ears are lower, then success comes later in life. And when the ears are placed really low where the top of the ear is level with your eyes, only modest success can be expected.

Perfect ears usually have long lobes and these indicate a long life. When the hollow in the ear is large, it indicates wisdom and intellectual prowess. Ears are said to be auspicious when the colouring is lighter than that of the face.


The eyes indicate the depth of thinking of the person. Eyes should not be too close together nor too far apart. The ideal width is one eye apart.

Your cheekbones represents the mountains, and the more they protrude and look prominent, the greater the indication of your power and influence.

The jawbone indicates status and it is best when it is square, although this is preferred more in a man than a woman. Women whose jawlines are too square are said to cause the premature death of their husbands.

The chin is another indicator of power, and when it is firm and full, it suggests a life of ease with plenty of servants and employees.

The mouth and lips are indicators of personality. When the mouth is well-shaped and well-defined, it indicates good fortune, especially if it is neither too large nor too thin. A small mouth is considered to be an indication of a gentle nature.