Easy Guide to Buying Homes with Good Feng Shui

Buying your house can be one of the most important decisions you have to make. Not only does the home need to be large enough for your family, well located with the right kinds of amenities, it should also bring good luck to the whole family. Here are some easy-to-use pointers for selecting your new home.

You should either buy a brand new home or plan of doing major renovation to an old home, so that you and your family will move into a period of 8 home, which is full of new chi and good luck.


First of all, your new home must be regular in shape; either a square or rectangular. Irregular shaped homes often have missing corners, which lead to the family missing out on various kinds of luck. For example, homes that are missing the west corner will see the couple finding it difficult to conceive.

Next, you should take a drive around the housing estate and keep your eyes out for communication towers, water tanks, electrical power lines, cemeteries and so on. These are things that can potentially bring bad luck to the development as a whole.

Then take a look at the rooflines and design of the homes surrounding the property you are interested in. There shouldn’t be any poison arrows or light poles directly in front of or hitting at your main entrance.

If you and your family mainly belong to the East group of people, then choose homes that face North, South or East. Alternatively, if you and your family mainly belong to the West group, then choose homes that face Northwest, Southwest or Northeast.


The main door should always be built robustly to protect your family and home. It must also be big enough to bring in plenty of wealth and good luck. As you open your main door, it should open up into a large and welcoming landing and never a narrow corridor, as this will limit the amount of prosperity coming into the home.

Your main door must never be in directly line of sight of the kitchen and back door. Having such features in the home will cause unnecessary family expenditure and make the accumulation of wealth and assets difficult. Also, never hang mirrors directly in front of your main door, as this will push every visitor away and discourage friends or relatives from visiting.

Avoid homes that have the kitchen located in the Northwest as this afflicts the father as well as the ability to become a father. In the event you have already bought a home with the kitchen in the NW, at least make sure the stove is not in the NW of the kitchen, and if you can, move the whole kitchen entirely.

Bedrooms should be big and roomy and allow you to position the beds such that you and your family members can sleep facing your auspicious directions. Never position your bed headboards against walls with a toilet on the other side, as this is a sure way to spell trouble for the marriage and other relationships. You should also look at the ceiling of all the rooms. Make sure you will not be sleeping or sitting underneath a toilet drain pipe or support beam.