Dreams Reveal More Than You Realise

Dreams are a sign and shape of things to come and good dreams herald the coming of good things. But dreams communicate via the language of symbolism. We all dream, except few remember or can recall exactly what they dream about. Usually it is when you get awakened suddenly or when your dream is extra important that good recall takes place.

LILLIAN TOO shares three important dreams… the first of two white Tigers which turned out to be snow lions, heralded her transformational embrace of Tibetan Buddhism; the other two she had over two consecutive nights of very deep and restful sleep in January… she believes they are auspicious but is still waiting for good events to unfold.

Dreams reveal the inner psychic awareness of one’s deepest thoughts. They emerge during the moments when we are resting our conscious minds, when we are allowing our inner subconscious free rein and that is when dream images manifest, take shape and become real in one’s conscious awareness.


A River Filled With Goldfish

I dreamt of a river in a jungle the night after I got back from Las Vegas. Jet lagged and bone tired, I slipped into a very deep sleep and in the morning when I woke up, the image of me bending by the river side in amazement as I watched big fat goldfish swimming in the river! I shook my head, “impossible” I am thinking, the goldfish cannot possibly survive in the river, yet there they were swimming happily, so many of them and as I stood up and looked at the river on both sides of me, there appeared more and more of these fat slow moving goldfish – big and round and quite happy… and then it seemed as if the entire river was filled with goldfish – silver and red in colour… and then I realized I was dreaming!

Auspicious? Of course! Goldfish are one of the most popular symbols of good fortune as they symbolize abundance, and a river of healthy swimming goldfish must surely mean plenty of great good fortune coming! Whatever they indicate, the dream left me feeling very happy…

Two White Tigers

I dreamt of two white Tigers twelve years ago. They were vivid, real and startlingly memorable. There was not a doubt they were prophetic dreams because I awoke slowly with the images of the two large white furred creatures next to me. The dream had begun with one white furred creature up a very large tree… I looked up and saw it, turned to my daughter Jennifer who was with me in the dream, and said, “Look darling, a White Tiger up in the tree!”

Before she could answer, the Tiger sprung down and landed ever so softly right next to us and purred. It was incredible. There was no feeling of fear, just awe and wonder at the enormous power of the creature as it landed next to us, and then before I could extend my hand to stroke it, hearing Jennifer’s voice saying, “Look Mummy, there’s another one up there.”


True enough when I looked up, there was another equally large white tiger in the tree. For months after that I went round asking everyone what they thought the dream meant… No one came even close to explaining the dream and I myself did not realize what the dream meant until almost a year later when I saw a large Tibetan thangka painting of Shakyamuni Buddha sitting on a throne decorated with two snow lions that looked exactly like the white tigers of my dream. The thangka was behind Lama Zopa in his room at Kopan monastery in Katmandu. Only then did it suddenly dawn on me that my inner subconscious mind had been preparing me for my meeting with my Lama… the Tree itself was also prophetic because in Tibetan Buddhism, the Guru Merit field is usually visualized against a background of a great big tree. So next time you have a dream which you suspect to be prophetic, don’t try to interpret it – just wait for events to unfold…

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Drawing All The Big Cards In A Game Of “ Mahjong”

Then the night I had another spectacular dream. Believe it or not, this time, all I can see is my extended hand reaching out to pull out my card. I am at a mahjong game and my cards are brilliant. I have already “ponged” the “hong chong”, the red character which means central and it is a BIG card in mahjong; I have also “ponged” the green “fatt choy”, another BIG card in the game, so altogether I have three’s of the red and green BIG cards lined up in front of me and I am telling my co-players to watch me as I am only waiting for the “part pahn”, the other white BIG card and if I have all three I will win in a very BIG way.

So here I am pulling my next card and guess what? Indeed I pull exactly the card I need … and so I win the game of mahjong and it is a very big win indeed. All this will sound like double Dutch to those of you who do not play mahjong, but for those of you who do, you know getting all three BIG cards is a big deal in mahjong, so I am interpreting this as a very auspicious dream!

It is strange that I dream of mahjong because I have not played this game seriously now for over 35 years. It is only in recent months that I have been teaching Jack my grandson how to play it as a way of teaching him some Chinese; so to have this game featured in my dream one night after my dream of goldfish must surely mean something really auspicious – perhaps associated with Jack my grandson? Maybe it means winning the lottery!! We will see!