Double Happiness on an Island Paradise in the Philippines!

Left: The stunning couple exchanged the most beautiful of vows on their wedding night in the magical beach setting of Boracay amongst close friends. Right: My husband Wan Jin and I with the newly weds, dearest Ollay and Joshua.

I have just returned from a most enjoyable DOUBLE HAPPINESS event – the magical resort wedding of the lovely OLLAY ANINION, who together with her beautiful mother Carol and aunt Lynette are incredibly close and dear friends of mine. Ollay tells me she has found the “love of my life” (with the help of feng shui) as she married JOSHUA TAYLAN who she describes as “a kindred soul”. He, like her, is an EXPERT Yoga instructor and entrepreneur. He owns Yoga centers in several European capitals and thus fits in beautifully and seamlessly with what Ollay does professionally and commercially, for Ollay herself owns and runs the most successful yoga center in Manila!

The “International” bunch! Ollay’s feng shui friends from around the world who flew in for the wedding included Tatjana and Oleg from Estonia, Snezhana and Gavril from Kazakhstan and Oxana from Monaco.

What can be a more delightful match! Watching them so in love, celebrating their wedding, held over three days in the island resort of the BORACAY SHANGRI LA in the Philippines was magical. The event was attended by a group of intimate friends, which included her international friends from around the world – me, my husband, Phillip and some of their closest “feng shui” friends who flew in for the wedding.

The three days of swimming, dining and partying were incredibly magical. As you can see from the pictures, Ollay and Carol’s friends from the crème de la crème of Manila society were dressed in beachwear ball gowns that took my breath away!

Truly plenty of YANG ENERGY indeed!

Hats and feathers and the most beautiful of ball gowns adorned the crème de la crème of Manila society at the wedding.
With Tatjana, Oxana and one of Ollay’s beautiful bridesmaids in stunning turquoise.
Left: Wan Jin with Bunny, another of Ollay’s bridesmaids from Korea. Right: The bride and groom with Phillip and Nat, who was also best man.

There are many amongst you who know Ollay and her mum very well. This is what’s so wonderful about the way WOFS alumni, my students, stay in touch after becoming friends attending our Master Practitioners Course learning feng shui with me – and they rekindle their friendships at my annual Extravaganzas. Amongst feng shui friends who came for her wedding were Tatjana and Oleg (all the way from Estonia), Oxana Girko (from Monaco), Snezhana and Gavril (from Kazakhstan), Phillip and Nat, and my husband and myself from Malaysia.

Jasmine streamers added to the enchanting ambience of the occasion. Here, Carol accompanies her daughter Ollay down the aisle to meet her groom and soul mate Joshua Taylan.

Our friendship began some years ago when they came for my MPC, and since then, our friendship has developed in a wonderful way. Carol and Lynette are amazingly successful business women in the textiles industry, while Ollay runs an incredibly thriving yoga studio in Manila. My husband and I loved celebrating the many parties at the yang occasion in beautiful Boracay, and we wish her and Joshua the happiest life together!