Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia Takes The Lead To Modernize Saudi Arabia, A Big Part Of The Muslim World?

Mohammad Bin Salman is the current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia; also the First Deputy Prime Minister as well as the Defense Minister. This Heir apparent to the throne was appointed Crown Prince in June of this year 2017 by the current King his father, King Salman, and he has moved quickly and surely to consolidate his power in this very important country of the Middle East, resolutely removing potential rivals who might challenge his efforts to bring Islam into the modern 21st Century. We can see that his amazing influence is beginning to show, so we take a look at his Paht Chee chart…

Born on 31st August 1985, at 19:08, he is aged 32 years in 2017. He was very popular with young Saudis (who make up 70 percent of the population) when he started making monumental changes as part of a drive to eradicate fundamentalism and to promote a ‘moderate and tolerant Islam’ in the strictly religious country. His modernization plans have included lifting the ban on women drivers and investing $500billion (£381billion) in a new city and business zone.

The proposals, grouped under the name Vision 2030, also feature plans for the partial privatization of the state oil company, Saudi Aramco, and the creation of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund. Cinemas are also expected to return to everyday Saudi life when music concerts were recently re-introduced.

His most recent action has been to arrest 49 in an ‘Anti-Corruption Sweep’. Many of those arrested are well-known traditionalist figures who are loyal to the kingdom’s ultra-conservative branch of Sunni Islam Wahhabism. Among those detained in luxury 5-star hotels include Osama bin Laden’s brother and billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

As the results of his actions will have a big effect on the world and its economy, this makes his Paht Chee interesting, as is the question of will he succeed in his quest and how long can he stay in power?


Looking at his 4 Pillars chart, we know that his favourable elements are Fire, Metal and Water, which means that his current luck pillar of 28 is deemed lucky for him as there is both Yin Metal and Yin Fire in it. Furthermore, the animal that governs the current luck pillar is his ally the Snake. Luck is definitely on his side.

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As for lucky stars, Prince Mohammad also has the EMPEROR STAR brought by the Yang Earth Dog. Other positive stars resident in his chart include the Powerful MENTOR star, the SCHOLASTIC star, one of the intelligent stars, the SPIRITUAL star and the star of POPULARITY.

As 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster, this year brings him excellent luck, as the Rooster completes his trinity of allies – the Ox in his main year pillar, the Snake in his current luck pillar and the Rooster in the calendar year. Furthermore, the elements of 2017 are Fire and Metal, which are lucky for him.


In addition, the calendar year Rooster also brings him the amazingly powerful CELESTIAL PROTECTOR star, which protects his rice bowl, his foundation and adds to his sources of income. Therefore this is an excellent year for him to initiate changes and consolidate his power base. We find it quite incredible how things have fallen into place for him so smoothly, and our Paht Chee reading of his birth chart seems to have confirmed our intuitive good feelings about his luck.

2018 however is not going to be as favourable, as the elements of 2018 will be double Yang Earth, which is not as lucky for him. Furthermore, the Dog Year brings him the anger of the Tai Sui, which is likely to manifest more challenges. Serious obstacles will confront him in the coming year.

Coupled with the Lo Shu #3 Quarrelsome Star visiting the Ox, and with the Dog Year strengthening the effects of his Emperor Star, this year is sure to bring him plenty of headaches and challenges.

Another thing to note is that since he already has the Dog in his HOUR Pillar, the indication is that he will have serious challenges facing him in 2018. But this is a man who is used to facing challenges and obstacles all through his life, and so long as he keeps his cool, there is a good chance he can stay strong and will be able to hold on to his reins of power. But there will be a slowdown in progress.

The year after, 2019, brings an improvement to his luck as the Boar brings him the effects of the Good Fortune Star as well as the Prosperity Star. If he manages to hold on to power through 2018, then in 2019, his power gets strengthened and many new improvements will manifest for him and for his country. The second half of this year will likely see his father, who is born a Wood Boar, abdicating in his favour. Indeed, his spate of good luck continues on to 2020, the Year of the Rat.

His good luck continues until age 38 when he enters Luck Pillar 38, at which point the Dragon of this luck pillar will negate the good luck of his Emperor Star. He needs then to be careful.