Creating a Bubbling Aquarium to Activate Wealth Luck

An aquarium is one of the BEST and EASIEST ways to activate Prosperity Luck in the home. Raising fish is such excellent feng shui! Not only do the Water, and the wiggly movement of swimming fish create healthy and vibrant energy for activating prosperity, the act of feeding and caring for these fishes create the cosmic cause for abundance and never-ending supply of food to enter your life! The more fish you can afford to keep, the more abundant the results will be! Read these easy steps for creating a really powerful water feature that will invite excellent good fortune into your home!

This is Lillian Too’s own Guppy aquarium, providing a safe and happy home to more than 200 colourful guppies! Each feeding session creates the luck of inviting abundance and prosperity! Note the pair of Water Dragons placed inside to activate YANG ENERGY inside her aquarium!

What You Need To Know in Creating An Aquarium With Good Feng Shui?

You can be as creative as you wish, but here are some of the basic considerations in creating a well-balanced aquarium that will bring very auspicious good luck!

  1. Select a good sized aquarium that is enough to grab your attention when you enter the room, but will not overpower the size of your house or apartment. If you live in a large mansion then of course a larger tank would be more appropriate.
  2. An abundant fish aquarium should always have the following:
    1. At least 3,6, 8, 9 or hundreds of fishes (see below for types of fish to raise) to bring abundance and prosperity luck.
    2. Green, leafy plants to symbolise WOOD and GROWTH energy.
    3. A pair of DRAGONS* to create YANG ENERGY for the Patriarch and Matriarch. 9 Dragons are also very suitable if you have sufficient space.
    4. Pebbles and stones to create EARTH energy for harmonious relationships. Use auspicious stones* etched with good luck affirmations or mantras if you can – they are even more effective as they will energize the water with special blessings!
    5. Lights to bring in the element of FIRE for Recognition.
    6. A very powerful water filter to keep the water clean.
    7. A decent pump (for the size of your tank) to keep the water well oxygenated.
  3. There is nothing more inauspicious than having fish die on you regularly! So please keep your tank water healthy and clean, and ensure that there is sufficient oxygen for all your fishes to stay thriving and happy. Feed them regularly but be careful not to cloud the water through over-feeding. Seek assistance from your pet shop on how to maintain adequate PH levels of your water.

What Kind Of Fish Should I Have In My Aquarium?

Guppies and Carp For Abundance

Golden Carp and Rainbow guppies invite plenty of abundance if you can raise them in large numbers! The tricky thing about raising carp is that you will need a fairly large aquarium or pond for them to thrive – because they can get quite large! For smaller aquariums you can easily raise hundreds of guppies inside a medium-sized tank! Guppies are excellent because their rainbow-colours symbolise all the 7 treasures – gold, silver, lapis lazuli, etc! Place plenty of plant life inside to create an environment suitable for them to breed. When your fish multiply on their own it brings excellent growth in careers and business.

Arowanas or Goldfish For Prosperity

Another name for Arowana is “Dragon fish” and they are terrifically effective for activating wealth. Their power comes from their long silky silvery bodies that emulate waving swords when they swim and turn around your aquarium. To raise Arowanas you must have the space for a fairly long horizontal aquarium to give them sufficient space to swim and turn. Arowanas are best kept in odd numbers, and you should keep at least 5 in a single aquarium and train them to eat dried food pellets. Avoid feeding any of your fish LIVE food as this is very bad feng shui! If you don’t have enough space for a lengthy aquarium in your home, an equally effective alternative is to raise Goldfish. The optimum number of goldfish to keep is 8 gold + 1 black goldfish. Goldfish can thrive very well in vertical aquariums (that are space-saving) and they are very happy swimming up and down!


Where Should I Place My Aquarium?

At Your Water Star 8

All houses have a special WEALTH SPOT depending on the facing direction of your home. If your house was built or completely refurbished after Feb 4, 2004, use the table below to determine where your Water Star 8 is located and place your aquarium there! This very potent flying star formula works like magic if you keep your aquarium clean and well oxygenated!

Your Wealth Spot is in the… If the facing direction of your house is…
Your Wealth Spot is in the NORTH If the facing direction of your house is South 1 or North 1
Your Wealth Spot is in the SOUTH If the facing direction of your house is South 2, South 3, North 2, North 3
Your Wealth Spot is in the EAST If the facing direction of your house is East 1 or West 1
Your Wealth Spot is in the WEST If the facing direction of your house is East 2, East 3 , West 2, West 3
Your Wealth Spot is in the NORTHEAST If the facing direction of your house is Southwest 2, Southwest 3, Northeast 1
Your Wealth Spot is in the SOUTHEAST If the facing direction of your house is Southeast 2, Southeast 3, Northwest 1
Your Wealth Spot is in the SOUTHWEST If the facing direction of your house is Southwest 1, Northeast 2, Northeast 3
Your Wealth Spot is in the NORTHWEST If the facing direction of your house is Southeast 1, Northwest 2, Northwest 3

At The Southeast & North Corners

You can increase your income luck by using an aquarium to activate your INCOME and CAREER corners. Your income corner is located in the Southeast of your home, and the Career Corner is located in the North. Both sectors become energized with the presence of YANG WATER. Place your aquarium in these corners of your living room. Do not activate these corners with your aquarium if they are in your bedrooms or toilets. Bedrooms and toilets should never be activated with aquariums or water features.

* Dragons and auspicious river stones are available from or World of Feng Shui boutiques worldwide!