Create the CHI of WEALTH

So much of successful feng shui practice comes from cleverly harnessing the powerful chi of SYMBOLS that if you travel the length and breadth of China today, everywhere you will see evidence of this Symbolism. From Guanzhou to Shanghai and Beijing, feng shui symbolism confronts the visitor as soon as you arrive – in the shops, inside and outside airport terminals, at railway stations and along the roads and squares of the city. In the past 20 years, China has re-embraced feng shui and prospered!!! Everywhere you can see Symbolism at work. And probably the most powerful symbols are those that signify and attract wealth in abundance. YOU CAN DO IT TOO… by placing symbols of wealth around your home

The most powerful of wealth symbols has always been in GOLD – and today GOLD PRICE has reached dizzying heights. But the appearance and symbol of gold is as powerful as the real thing and these can take the form of old Chinese gold ingots, gold coins and in recent times, also the westernized modern symbols…

1  You can fill a bowl with GOLD and place on your coffee table.

2  OR create a Ship of Wealth bringing you a cargo of gold bullion into your home. Select a ship with sails that catch the WIND and sail along strong SEAS .. The Sailing Ship is the best symbol of wealth bringing feng shui for it brings wealth and treasures brought by the winds and the waters .. and feng shui is of course exactly that Wind & Water !!   show a couple of ships laden with gold.


3  OR create a big Basket of Prosperity placed deep inside the home. Any kind of container can be used, but the best are the bejeweled containers or jewellery containers – instead of putting just jewellery in your Jewel Boxes, place also a stack of gold coins and ingots… these signify growth in ASSET WEALTH and are excellent for those who play the stock market or who take big risks with their money.

4 OR the best tip of all, tie 3 coins together with red string – as many groups of 3-coins as you need to be placed under your floor before tiling. Let your house sit on a “fortune in gold”! This tip is for those currently building or renovating a home.