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Common Feng Shui Afflictions & Suggested Cures


Three Doors In A Row

When there are too many doors in a row, it symbolizes too many mouths in the household. This creates bickering and fighting among family members. It also causes the Chi to flow too fast through the house, forming a poison arrow. Rooms at the end of a corridor with three doors in a row will suffer ill health.

The Cure
Hang faceted crystal balls on top of the doorways; these will dissolve the fast moving Shar Chi shooting through the corridor. You can also use windchimes, but make sure they have hollow rods - solid rod windchimes do not work, as the Chi cannot rise through the rods. Or use screens to block off the doors from each other. These force the energies to slow down and meander rather than shoot through your house.


Centipede Arrangement

Many offices, especially those trying to economize on floor space, have desks arranged such that they form what is known as the "centipede" arrangement. This causes bickering and petty politics in the workplace. If you are placed within such a centipede and you are sitting facing one of your inauspicious directions, you will be on the receiving end of such office politics.

The Cure
Display a figurine of a rooster on your desk to control the centipede. Also, energize the mentor corner (NW) of your desk with an amethyst gem tree. As well as improving your relations with others in the office, a gem tree in the NW will get you the support of your boss.


Overhead Beams

Overhead beams, as far as possible, should not be exposed. When exposed, they hurt the Chi of the family and are an obstacle to growth and wealth accumulation. When chairs, desks or beds are placed below an overhead beam, they cause headaches, ill health, bad luck and problems in business.

The Cure

The best remedy for such beams would be to create a false ceiling to hide such beams. If this is not possible (for example, if it would make the ceiling too low, which again is bad feng shui), use windchimes or bamboo flutes.