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Black Hat Sect

BTB Feng Shui - the Best Spiritual Feng Shui Style Today

Grand Master Lin Yun, His Holiness Rinpoche is the leader of this powerful, transformational and extraordinary use of Feng Shui energy. BTB is an affectionate and easy speaking nickname for Black Sect Tantric Buddhism. What does that mean? The article will explain the definition as well as give the reader practical easy to use applications to be used in any home in any direction. This style of Feng Shui is deeply rooted in spiritual principles; principles that are flexible like the bamboo. So put away your calculators and charts for a moment and feel free to open your mind, heart and spirit to a new understanding of Feng Shui.

by Kathy Mann

Feng Shui schools have changed and grown since the beginning of Feng Shui. This is a natural progression as more information becomes available. Mostly all the Feng Shui schools were derived out of a need for people to feel most comfortable and healthy in their environments. Each of these schools came at different times and in different places based on the conditions and needs of the times. Each has served and still serves a need and a purpose.

Principles that transcend time still exist today. The beauty of Feng Shui is that as the earth and her people change, grow and develop so does Feng Shui. Grand Master Lin Yun teaches to be a constant student and to use all information available to study and analyze the Feng Shui of a home, workplace or any environment. He honors all schools of Feng Shui with great respect. The sciences that influence and mold BTB Feng Shui Principles are: geomancy, form school, Taoism, Yin-Yang philosophy, exoteric Buddhism, Eclecticism, Metaphysics, I-Ching, architecture, psychology, physiology, modern techniques of measuring electro-magnetic fields, holistic healing, divination, Chinese folklore, Confucianism, Five Element Theory, geology, geography and plain old common sense.

The basic difference between Compass School and Black Sect Feng Shui is the use of directions as an absolute. When I was in China in October three Feng Shui masters told me that my home was facing the wrong direction. All three suggested the only thing I could do to remedy that drastic problem was to move. In my opinion these theories were based on information thousands of years ago, when picking up and moving was easy and practical.

Today, in this hemisphere and with the scarcity of good Real Estate it is simply not realistic or practical. Another major difference is the reliance on astrological information. Compass bases the orientation of the direction of the Bagua on this information. There are different views within the school on how to do find that. Some suggest there is a head of household. Yet in this country marriages and partnerships are theoretically based on equality.

In the BTB school, astrological information is very important to the success and happiness in ones life. The key to a healthy, prosperous balanced life culminates several factors: karma, education and application - how you take of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, spiritual practices, accumulation of good deeds, destiny - astrology, and Feng Shui. Each aspect can be used as a tool to enhance your life and well being. So if one practices spirituality in all aspects of your life the quality improves even if let's intelligence was not something you were born with a great deal of this aspect will be greatly improved. BTB Feng Shui is used in homes and businesses quite successfully throughout the world.

BTB Feng Shui school is used in the United States more than any other school. It has proven effective all over the world. At the heart of Feng Shui is Chi energy. Understanding how to discern the energy of an environment takes study and practice. It is most beneficial in this school of Feng Shui to practice meditations that open up the ability to use the intuition and the intellect to analyze a space. This makes most sense since energy (Chi) can be seen and unseen. It must be felt.

Many factors make up the complete energy analysis of any given business or home. Of any given item in your bedroom for instance these factors are looked at: the vibration, the touch, the color alone and in relation to other objects in the same space, the fragrance, the universal symbol, the personal meaning or symbol, the placement within the space, the condition and use of it. At first, this may seem a bit much but it is quickly and easily felt by a trained professional consultant. So, at the heart of BTB Feng Shui is Chi energy. Everything has Chi and everything is connected. Chi also moves about the space.

A home or business has interior factors and exterior factors that are reviewed for a final analysis. Just a few include the shape of the lot, shape of the house, floor plan, positions of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, desks, stoves…etc, neighborhood, history of the house, lines of energy - electricity, cable, telephone, satellite dishes…etc., beams, lights, plants, water and influences of communities and countries.

The three main areas of any home are the bedroom, the front door and the kitchen. In BTB Feng Shui, the front door does not have to face in particular direction of the compass. It is best if the front door is visible or directly connected to the road, the modern day flow of energy. The front door is the connection with the world. A red front door is generally auspicious, however there are times when another color may be more beneficial. It is best if it opens into the home or business establishment. This directly and positively provides good energy and opportunities for the occupants.

The door is the mouth of Chi. The mouth is how we can get our personal energy and nutrition. Since the house is a living structure it's mouth is critical to a healthy existence. The pathway up to it, how it opens, what it opens to in regard to room and objects in the room are some of the items reviewed to make up the analysis of the Feng Shui of the front door.

The bedroom is the most important room in the home. You spend one third of your life in it. The bedroom's purpose is to sleep -rest, rejuvenate, and to make love. It should be designed with those two purposes in mind - sleeping and making love! t. The bedroom is the place you should love the most in your home. It is in a sense, your sanctuary, and a safe personal refuge, where you feel comfortable, peaceful, joyous, free, calm, and empowered. The quality and placement of the bed is significant.

In BTB school, the emphasis is once again on the best position for the space not absolute direction. The placement of the bed is simple, while in bed you can view the door from the widest place in the room; the bed is not placed in the direct path of Chi (the path of Chi is the door coming into the bedroom) and do not place your headboard under a window. When you are placed in this position you are in command of your space and your life. If perhaps you must place your bed under a window, due to constraints of bed size, closet doors, etc..., you may use a Feng Shui "Cure" to alter the energy of the window. You can place a crystal in the window space that will stop the flow of energy from leaking out of the bedroom.

The BTB school has many ways to easily, subtly and effectively improve the Feng Shui while keeping with your sense of style, design and comfort. I am currently completely a book just on the bedroom itself. Look at your bedroom again today, and if by chance you do not like or love it by all means change it. Love it today for who you are at the moment. BTB Feng Shui has changed and empowered my life in many ways. It has been an honor and a privilege to help people to do the same all across the United States. I want to thank Professor Lin Yun for bringing this information to the world. I would encourage students and practitioners of Feng Shui to continue to learn about energy and the environment and to help heal and uplift the world room by room, house by house, business by business. We can all make a difference, one day at a time.

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