Uncle Lim’s Take on the 4 Pillars of Destiny: Are You Destined for Leadership?

There are some among us who are gifted with a natural air of authority, the ability to rally up crowds and inspire loyalty! Some might even come across as Bossy-Boots but these special group of people possess a certain quality of getting things done through others! They can motivate others to do their bidding, sometimes even terrorise them into submission, and yet the devotion from their people never waivers! When you meet someone like this you can almost guess that their Paht Chee chart contains the powerful COMMANDING STAR.

The Commanding Star is an incredibly auspicious star to have, and it brings the promise of authority, power and influence in your life when it appears in your chart. Also known as “Jiang sin” in Chinese, having this star suggests that you will stand out in any crowd and that you are destined to command a certain powerful presence. Charisma and courage in the face of adversity are the traits that come with this star, this denotes a person who is born to rule. As such when this star is found in your chart, you will likely to enjoy wealth, power and many supporters. People will look up to you and will come to respect your leadership abilities. To see if this star appears in your chart, check the table below and look for the animal sign in your chart:

If the earthly branch in the day or year pillar is: And the Earthly branch in the hour pillar is:
Rat Rat
Ox Rooster
Tiger Horse
Rabbit Rabbit
Dragon Rat
Snake Rooster
Horse Horse
Sheep Rabbit
Monkey Rat
Rooster Rooster
Dog Horse
Boar Rabbit


Having this star in your chart indicates the destiny potential for leadership, but this alone is not sufficient to enjoy success as a CEO or political leader all your life! Timing is everything and the Commanding Star ripens fully when one’s chart is well-balanced, i.e. when all five elements are present in a chart, or when you enter into a period of your life when missing elements or favourable elements appear in that 10-period pillar of your life or any particular year. If your chart is already balanced, then are you are blessed with the ability to receive promotions and elevate your standard of living through leadership quite effortlessly. If you have this star, but your chart is unbalanced, you will find yourself very ambitious, but the ladder to success will likely be an uphill climb; you’ll still attain status elevation eventually but making it as top dog will prove elusive except in the years or pillars when the missing or favourable elements enter your life.


Sometimes the Commanding Star can show an ugly side and this happens when the Element of the animal sign that brought you the star is unfavourable for your basket of elements. In this scenario the Commanding Star is said to be afflictive which means that instead of commanding respect from others this person will manifest as someone who thinks he or she is superior in some way, but in reality it is not necessarily the case. For example, if the animal bringing this Commanding Star is the Rat Sign which is “water element”, and if this person’s chart already has a lot of water, then the Commanding Star turns afflictive. This person is likely to attract gossip and politicking from his/her subordinates. This is why we also need to look for the presence of the secret friend combinations in their chart. When you possess at least one secret friend combination, it can override the clash brought by the animal sign, and it means that you will most certainly feel the positive effects of the Commanding Star.

Look in the chart below to see if you have a Secret Friend pairing inside your chart. Each of the 6 secret friend combinations brings you 6 different kinds of luck and having any one of this combination together with the Commanding Star works synergistically together for maximum positive effect. Since each of the secret friend combination also produces a hidden element, if this hidden element creates balance in your basket of elements, it can mean that you will harness all the positive benefits of the Commanding Star, together with the luck that the Secret Friend combination brings, and of course this is indeed very fortunate. Powerful people who have gone down in history as someone who is a beloved leader, highly respected, and powerful would very likely possess this marriage of both the Commanding star and Secret Friend combination.

If there 2 animals are found in your earthly branch Bring you the following kinds of luck Element produced
Rat and Ox Harmony and great networking luck. Earth
Tiger and Boar Secret friends and noblemen luck Wood
Rabbit and Dog Unexpected windfall, money, income luck Fire
Dragon and Rooster Allies and supporters luck Metal
Snake and Monkey Investment and speculative luck Water
Horse and Sheep Mentor luck Fire


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