Architectural Adventures: Open Space Living Taken To Extremes

When it comes to Design, the end product is generally quite subjective. As clients, you tend to put your faith into your Designer hoping they can translate your aspirations into reality. Sometimes you get a product that you can be proud of and sometimes not. But through all my travels, this has got to be the Ultimate Design Question Mark of the Century.

Different designers have different styles and taste. I can understand that. I can also understand some designers are rather flamboyant, daring to explore contrasting colours and shapes to create the shock value when you enter the room. I also understand the concept of installing windows into the bathroom to create the feeling of space, as well as to pull natural sunlight into an otherwise enclosed room.

But I have never seen a bedroom that literally pulls the toilet into the bedroom. If it were a feature wall with glass panels at the side, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the use of a fully glazed panel where the main view from the bed is that of your loved one taking a S*** is beyond me. The shower at the corner is not so bad as one may envision, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Either the Designer was trying to create this no holds barred concept or there is a weird fetish behind their ideology.


So maybe the use of glazing was to make the room feel bigger. But as I walked into the adjacent room, I found that it was double the size and therefore not lacking the need for space. The same ideology is shown again with the WC directly facing the bed. Now one may say this is definitely NOT good luck to have a toilet facing the bed, but this definitely takes the cake for sure, as I think it is definitely NOT good luck to see someone taking a dump from the bed itself. If anything, it would be feel like your bedroom was next to the sewer line.

So next time you start to trust your Designer, make sure they are not on some ideological fetish crusade to change the world and be sure to know what you are getting before you commit to what you are getting.