Three Big Realities In Our New Digital World: Adapting To The Digital World

The world is speeding into a new quantum reality which is “normal” for many, but for those of us of an older vintage, getting to grips with digital technology does require getting used to. A paperless existence, no more need for dollar notes, the mobile phone replacing the camera, the music player and now taking the place of the credit card…

Changes are coming to us at breakneck speed indeed. As soon as we got used to instant messaging, these days we are living also in a world of physical speed, where almost every chore is being turned on its head from shopping to watching movies to travelling et al. I have identified THREE big new realities we are living through. Think about this and feel the awe I feel, knowing that despite these new realities, the ancient science of feng shui still applies, still creates magic!

1. The rise (and also falls) of Crypto Currencies

Every headline and spam email seems to contain the word bitcoin at the moment and, given the interest surrounding the cryptocurrency, this is likely to continue into 2018.

For those who have missed the bitcoin boat (the cryptocurrency’s valuation has risen by a whopping 1,745 per cent so far this year and then fallen some !!) or who simply find it too volatile, there could be another way to invest. Just remember its crypto – it does not exists, it has no asset backing and it is just a gamble!


2. The rise of E-commerce

This is a hot topic and by now everyone must be aware that the two biggest “players” in the world are Ali Baba and Amazon, the two big A’s! They are the big names driving eCommerce and hence influencing global long-term spending behaviour.

All this simply reflects the incredible importance of Internet, which not only “rules” everyone’s life, but has also made all news (fake as well as real) a click away; all relationships and interface with each other (via Facebook and other social media sites) also a click away; and now all payment and spending also a click away. This is what makes companies like Pay Pal and Tencent the beating hearts of the worldwide web – and they are, even as you read this, monetizing the Internet that must surely scare the life out of the banks. For soon, they just might take over global banking as well.

3. The rise of China and Asia

This seems to be a trend these days. The focus is on China, India and all the other countries of Asia. In terms of investments where money can be made, these are referred to as the emerging markets, although we are no longer just emerging. China and India are on such a high these days that almost in every aspect of life, they are leading. So yes, do investigate China and India more closely. Travel to these countries. Get to know their culture and heritage, but also look at their modern-day breakthroughs, their education systems and learn from them. Don’t forget also to look at Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore; here, our infrastructure, our airports, our trains and our roads are superior to those of America and Europe, and all our countries have heritage going back thousands of years. We have depth and breadth, so focus now on us, on Asia, for we are the new reality! Sympathize with the American President – he is a businessman who has travelled. He is not insular, he has seen the new reality. Feel his sense of frustration!