Activating Your Wealth Element

There are many methods for activating wealth luck in the home. Popular methods include placing water features, wealth gods and three-legged toads in our wealth corners, and creating personalized wealth vases for the household. Complicated methods include creating artificial water flows much like having a stream passing by your home following the correct path.

There is another method based on your Paht Chee chart. With this method, there are 10 elements that represent wealth, which are then divided into two kinds of wealth luck.

Direct wealth luck – This is the money that we gain as a result of work done, bonus and dividends paid for investments, rental income, as well as profits gained from our business. Introductory commissions as well as profits from property sales are all direct wealth.

Indirect wealth luck – This is the money that we gain from speculative investments such as high risk shares, commodities or Forex investments. Winning the lottery or gambling is also considered indirect wealth luck.

Your wealth element is the element that is destroyed by your self-element.

How to Activate your Wealth Element

To activate your wealth element, all you need is to display the required type of wealth element in your living room or on your office desk. You can also have your wealth element outside with windows opened, allowing the wealth chi to flow into your home.


Yin Earth – Display natural crystal geodes such as Gipcite, Amethyst, Citrines, Jade or even a pile of natural river stones, or ceramic statues of wealth gods.

Yang Earth – Crystal windchimes, salt lamps, crystal lamps, crystal chandeliers.

Yin Fire – Dim Lights, red, maroon, orange colours, and moonlight.

Yang Fire – Bright lights, moving or flickering lights, mood lamps and sun light.

Yin Wood – Decorative wood carvings of auspicious objects, wood furniture with lucky symbols. Slow growing indoor plants such as lucky bamboo. Wealth gods carved from wood.

Yang Wood – Flowering and fruiting plants, colourful plants or any plants that are fast growing.

Yin Water – Bowls of water, aquariums, ponds and lakes.

Yang Water – Moving water features, water fountains, waterfalls.

Yin Metal – Metal sculptures with auspicious meanings, brass statues of gods of wealth, wealth pots, wealth baskets, ingots and gold bars.


Yang Metal – Metal windchimes, Pendulum clocks


A 48 year old gentleman born on 3rd January 1967 living in a double storey link house facing South.

For this gentleman, his self element is Yin Fire. Therefore his direct wealth element is Yin Metal and indirect wealth is Yang Metal. What we can see is that his chart already indicates Yang Metal, which is indirect wealth. Thus it is recommended that he activates his direct wealth element of Yin Metal. It is suggested that he displays a brass statue of 3 Sheep climbing up a mountain in the Southwest corner of his living room, as the Earth energy of the Southwest will further enhance Metal chi. The Southwest is also the location of his secret friend, the Sheep. Do take note that the Sheep’s intrinsic element is Yin Earth.

If he wanted to enhance indirect wealth luck, then he needs Yang Metal. This would mean that he should hang a 6-rod brass windchime in the Northeast corner, which is the direction of the Dog, his astrological ally. The Dog’s intrinsic element is Yang Earth.


Here is another example of a rich man born on 16th October 1964 living in a Southwest-facing home.

For this gentleman, his self element is Yang Earth therefore his direct wealth is Yang Water and indirect wealth is Yin Water. Since his house is facing Southwest, it was recommended that he erects a Yang Water feature directly in front of his home door. It was also recommended that the waterfall falls 2 times and #2 is the original Lo Shu number for the southwest. In the 4 years since he erected this water feature, his business expanded 5 times their annual sales volume.