A Dozen Hot Tips To Feng Shui Your Workspace

People who work spend most of their waking hours at the office, so it is imperative to have a harmonious work environment. Functioning in a properly feng shui-ed office makes a world of difference to productivity and interpersonal relationships. It makes you enjoy coming to work. Harmony at the workplace diffuses bitchiness, reduces politicking and minimizes gossip – things that can cause much unhappiness. Good feng shui in your personal space helps you achieve recognition and promotion.

Given these benefits, can anyone afford NOT to ensure their workspace has been properly feng shui-ed?

1. Watch Your Back

Anyone who wants to harm you will find it easier to stealthily creep up on you when you are not watching and hit you from behind. So it makes sense when feng shui repeatedly warns you to watch your back. Make sure you have good back support where you sit.

If you are in a desk job, ensure the back of your chair is placed so there is a solid wall behind you. Sitting with your back to the door is incredible bad news. But a window directly behind you can also be bad. Close such windows with heavy blinds and display support symbols of career success behind you.

These are the dragon tortoise , the turtle, or a painting of a mountain. Get one that does not have water painted into the scenery.

2. Avoid Sitting Facing A Wall

A desk that is placed facing a wall acts as a barrier to promotion. If you cannot move your desk, hang a picture of scenery featuring an open field to symbolize your own personal “bright hall”. Or hang on image of a phoenix on the wall in front of you to symbolize being faced with many opportunities. This will help counter the negative effects of facing a wall, and will create the cause for you to change desk to one with better feng shui.

3. Display A Rooster

The rooster is the best symbol to use to counter office politics. If you are constantly dodging underhanded tactics from co-workers, display a rooster with a prominent beak and comb to peck away at unwanted politicking. Another good symbol to use is the jade cicada, best worn as a bracelet.

4. Display A Crystal Sphere To Absorb Negative Chi

Nothing ensures harmony and more efficiently than crystal spheres. Place six in various sizes in the space you have consciously defined as your own. This will ensure your hours spent at work are pleasant and rewarding. Crystal spheres have great, active power in this period of 8.

5. Avoid Being In A Confrontational Setting Arrangement

Position your work desk so you are not directly facing anyone else. It is better to have your back to someone than to be positioned facing another person directly, because facing someone constantly will cause confrontational energies to build up between you and that person. Even if you work for someone and cannot change the layout of the entire office, try to ensure that at least your own desk is positioned to avoid this.

6. Choose The Right Chair

The chair you sit in at work will have a bearing on how well you do in your career. Because you have to sit in it for long periods at a time, especially in a desk job, get a chair that is ergonomically designed to prevent back and neck strain. Herman Miller chairs are wonderful office chairs because they are specially designed to minimize aches and strains, allowing you to sit at length without getting tired or uncomfortable. Chairs meant for visitors on the other hand do not need to be overly comfy, lest they overstay their welcome! When picking sofa sets and settees for meeting areas, go with something not too comfy, for the same reasons. Harder sofa sets also generate a more dynamic type of chi energy more suited to the workplace.

7. Do Not Sit Too Near To The Door

Sitting too near the door, especially the front door in an open plan offi ce, is an unprotected and vulnerable location to occupy. If the office lay-out is such that someone has to be nearer the door than others, and that someone happens to be you, try to sit such that you avoid having your back to the door. Make sure you can see the door at all times, so you have a view of people approaching. Make doubly sure you have the necessary support symbols with you to counter the negative effects of such a desk location. At the next opportunity to move desk, do so!


8. Tidy Up The Clutter

A cluttered desk is the surest way to dull your efficiency. Make it a point each morning to spend just 10 minutes clearing your workspace. Do not let newspapers, books and stationery mess up your space. People who say they prefer an “organized mess” have not enjoyed the joys of a tidy desk and will marvel at how efficient they can become if they work in a less cluttered manner.

9. Beware Of Hidden Storage

While you tidy up your desk, it is easy to simply shove unwanted documents and papers untidily into drawers and cabinets where they cannot be seen. Although this improves the outward appearance of your desk, over time, this can build up into stagnant energy that harms your success at work unseen. Do not neglect your drawers and filing cabinets. Make it a point to every now and then go through and organize your drawers. Throw away what you don’t need.

10. Avoid Sharp Edges

Make sure you don’t have sharp edges that point directly towards where you sit. Sharp edges are poison arrows that send harmful shar chi or killing breath towards you. The killing energy sent your way will not just hamper your career success; it could also cause you to fall ill, get cheated or get blamed for everything.

11. Work With Good Lighting

A well-designed office is one where lighting is well-designed. Natural lighting is best, so have as many windows as possible. However, half windows are better than full-length windows for areas where work desks are located. Full-length windows bring in too much yang energy, making it difficult to concentrate and creates a feeling of vulnerability. Basement offices with few or no windows are seldom auspicious. To supplement natural light, best is to use full spectrum lighting, which simulates natural daylight bringing better visibility, health and efficiency. Another way to characterize light is white versus yellow light. White light is better for offices, because the overly cosy ambience created by yellow light slows down productivity.

12. Sit Facing Your Sheng Chi

The best direction to ensure career and business success is to tap your Sheng Chi by sitting facing that direction. Find your sheng chi from your Kua number using the Eight Mansions formula. If you cannot tap your Sheng Chi, try and sit facing one of your other three auspicious directions. It is definitely a MUST to carry a handy compass at all times so when you attend meetings away from the comfort zone of your desk, you can make it a point to sit facing a good direction. This will give you an edge when you interact with people. Make this a life long habit.

How To Calculate Your Kua Number

1 Southeast
2 Northeast
3 South
4 North
5 male Northeast
5 female Southwest
6 West
7 Northwest
8 Southwest
9 East

For Male

Take the last two digits of your year of birth and add them together. Keep adding till you get a single number. Deduct this from 10 if you were born before 2000, and from 9 for those born in the year 2000 or later. This gives your Kua number.

For Female

Take the last two digits of your year of birth and add them together. Keep adding till you get a single number. Add 5 to this number if you were born before 2000, add 6 for those born in the year 2000 or later. If the result is a two-digit number, keep adding till get a single number. This is your Kua number.