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Feng Shui Malaysia


Our Grand Opening of Kingdom of Shambala over the weekend was a sensational success, thanks to all who came from all corners of Malaysia and Singapore! We sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming to celebrate with us!

Our 30 feet Kingdom of Shambala Mural is breathtakingly beautiful - if you haven't seen it you simply must drop by just to have a look!! You can see if from the Ground Floor of Mid Valley Centrecourt¡­ bringing showers of blessings to Mid Valley and into our shop!

The official ceremony began at 3pm on Guru Rinpoche Day with a glorious Lion Dance, just after Lillian, together with her guru Khenpo Delek Rinpoche and her group of dharma friends had just completed a private and powerful blessing puja in the upstairs floor!

After Lillian introduced Khenpo Delek Rinpoche, he began the ceremony by reading out the verses of auspiciousness – a powerful blessing prayer that causes all endeavours to be successful and wishes to actualise swiftly! Both Lillian and Khenpo were indeed incredibly kind, giving away blessing cards, blessing threads, protection amulets and more to all who came to visit!

Look out for our next issue of Feng Shui World as we will be explaining in detail how to use the precious goodies that were given out on the day!

Make a Wish on our Wishfulfilling Windhorse

Come and meet our life-size Windhorse, the powerful wish-fulfilling steed who increases your LungTa! Write your wish on our wish cards and place them inside our Windhorse's saddle pocket!

Thank you again for supporting us and helping to make our grand opening a success!

Best wishes from the WOFS team