9 Sacred Ways to Empower Your Space for Success

Fire up your finances, give yourself a career boost and jazz up your love life with these special energy boosting rituals that bring success faster and more effectively.

1. Boost yang chi in the Facing Palace of your home

The facing palace i.e. the front center area of your home is the most vital spot of your home. It is here that a great deal of the luck that enters the house originates, so it should be as open as possible, to pull in a steady supply of revitalizing yang chi from the cosmos outside. The steadier the flow of inward coming chi, the more the rest of the house gets bathed in this revitalizing energy so vital for success. It is also a good idea to place a pair of Fu Dogs flanking the main door, to keep out harmful energy from entering the home.

2. Boost your Main Workroom with the Sun and Moon energy

Bring in the presence of the SUN and MOON into your main work area in the house and office. Do this by having the sun and moon sign hanging behind you, the Sun on your right and the Moon on your left. The empowering energy represented by these two powerful planets is magnified when placed together. Or you can also combine them featuring the new moon shown as a crescent shape and with the sun above it as a full circle. Placed together this way, they create the symbol of a golden ingot. Display this symbol in your study room at home where you do your work, or in the office.

3. Wear mantra jewellery in gold to attract beneficial chi

Spiritual syllables and symbols when worn against the heart or throat chakra attract SUCCESS to the wearer. They also protect against harmful energies, and they bless not just the wearer but all also those who see the symbol. This is an easy way to transform bad energy into good energy, and to enhance your own personal aura. Mantra jewellery increases your charisma, boosts your popularity and gives your work effectiveness a very big boost!

4. Create a home altar to open pathways to Spirituality

Setting up an altar in the home helps to open pathways to growth in awareness of all things spiritual. Just the act of doing this creates a spiritual energy in your home that can only do you good. Your altar does not have to be elaborate, but setting up an altar creates the causes for purification, so good things can continuously flow into your life. An excellent corner for your altar is the Northwest or you can also have an altar directly facing the front door. This draws in all the good chi…

5. Magnify sacred energy in your home with holy objects

To make your living space sacred, invite holy objects into your home. This instantly creates sacred space in your home as holy objects have great power to continually transform all bad energy into pure energy. Holy objects work as powerful symbols that help you communicate with Cosmic forces and at a higher dimension of consciousness. Use Holy Objects from your own religious faith, or adopt a Deity or holy object that you have a good affinity with. Buddhists and Hindus are great believers in the power of holy objects and these can be Buddha images, stupas, prayer wheels, holy texts or sacred art.

6. Appease Spiritual Friends from Other Realms

Become sensitive to messages sent to you by Spirits who live alongside us in other parallel realms. These are the “landlords” of our living space and it is much better to live harmoniously with them, be their friends and acknowledge them than to ignore them or be afraid of them. We all have spiritual friends, spirit guides and astral companions from other realms. Becoming aware of them inside your homes and tuning into their messages often helps you make smarter and wiser decisions. This is also one way of sharpening your own subtle senses. Tuning in to the Cosmos is one of the easiest ways of practicing good spiritual inner feng shui.


7. Display auspicious symbols in the home

Every spiritual and esoteric tradition has special symbols that carry an intrinsic force for good. These symbols can change the quality and movement of energy in any space simply by having them in the home space and feeling good about them. Every object in space has energy and auspicious symbols give off auspicious energies. You can choose from many different symbols depending on what specific wish you want actualized.

8. READ powerful SUTRAS for all kinds of Success

There are so many powerful SUTRAS which are now so easily available and these contain some of the most powerful magic imaginable. Usually just by reading four lines of the Sutras that are records of the direct teachings of the Buddha is sufficient to actualize all kinds of good fortune from invoking great wealth luck to great good health and more importantly, to ease life’s burdens by purifying all the obstacles in our life. Many Sutras also contain implicit protective attributes that work like amulets and powerful talismans.

9. Create the ritual of invoking the Sun’s empowering rays

If you want to empower a particular work area in the house you can simulate the SUN’s powerful rays radiating outwards from the center of that room. Stand in the center of the room and visualize the sun there in your hands and then imagine it radiating powerful rays outwards in the eight directions and then above and below. Thus a sphere of light is created that lights up the entire room.

Use your fingers to draw the symbol of the Sun (a big circle in the center of the room) where you feel needs a dose of sunshine energy. Imagine that you are creating a ball of brilliant light then visualize the sun’s rays emanating outwards from it and washing your room with powerful light energy. Done once a week, this is a very powerful revitalizing imaging ritual.