Getting the Best from the 2021 Flying Star Chart

The new chart comes into full effect from Feb 4th 2021. It is vital that you update the Feng Shui of your home in order to maximize your luck for the year. What you need to do is place the recommended remedy, or enhancer in all the corners of your home, in order to reduce or negate the effects of afflictions and enhance good luck within your home.

When reading each forecast, bear in mind that the stars will affect you if any one of the following scenarios apply to you:

  • The entrance to your home is facing that direction (e.g. the #5 star affects you if your house is facing Southeast).
  • Your entrance is located in the sector (e.g. the #5 star affects you if your entrance is located in the Southeast sector, even if it is facing a different direction).
  • Your bedroom is located in that corner of the house.
  • The star visits your animal palace. For example, if you are born in the year of the Dragon, then the misfortune #5 in the Southeast (Snake and Dragon location) brings you misfortune and bad luck.
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As a defensive strategy, the first step is to identify all the bad stars and afflictions that trigger misfortune and disarm them with the appropriate remedies.

#5 Yellow flies to the Southeast this year, bringing danger to the eldest daughter and to those born in years of the Dragon and Snake. Homes that face Southeast or have their main doors located in the Southeast are afflicted. You should be very concerned if your bedroom is located in the Southeast corner of your home, as you will suffer the affliction of this star.

To remedy, display the 5 Element Pagoda With Tree Of Life in the Southeast. If your home faces Southeast and you are born in the year of the Snake or Dragon, then you will also need to display the Kumbum Stupa and carry the 5 Element Pagoda Amulet as an added remedy.

Do not do any renovation, drilling or breaking of any walls in the Southeast, and keep this corner of your home as quiet as possible to avoid further energizing this vile star.

#2 Illness star is located in the North and because it is strengthened by the Star of the Yin House, this means that if your bedroom or main door is located in the North, or if your house faces North, you must take active steps and place the appropriate remedies. This star also afflicts the middle son, and those born in the year of the Rat.

Display the Healing Deer Carrying the Vase of Longevity with Linzhi in your bedroom to remedy. If your main door faces North or if it is located in the North corner of your home, you will need the Medicine Buddha & 7 Sugatas Gau to correct this. Those born in years of the Rat need to carry the Medicine Buddha Amulet and to keep the Buddha Vairocana Gold Talisman Card in their wallet. The elderly should move to a different room to avoid coming under the influence of this star.

#7 Robbery Star is in the Northwest and afflicts those born in years of the Boar and Dog, as well as the Father. If your house or main door is facing or located Northwest, you must place effective remedies to protect your family rice bowl. This cheating star is very strong in 2021 and you should display the Anti-Burglary Plaque with Door Guardians as well as carry the Nightspot Protection Amulet if you have to work late. Businessmen should carry the Kuan Kung Anti-Betrayal Amulet to avoid being cheated by their business partners. All fathers should carry the Anti-Cheating Amulet and place the 28 Hums Protection Wheel on their work desk.

#3 Quarrelsome star brings quarrelsome energies to the Southwest, and because this star is also strengthened by the Star of the Yin House, this means that all mothers, and all homes with main door located here, or facing Southwest will be affected by this star. Those born in years of the Sheep or Monkey are also afflicted. To remedy, and to protect family harmony, place the 9 Phoenix Plaque or the Red Peace & Harmony Apples in the Southwest of your home. It will also be helpful to place the Red Carpet (Mystic Knot or 5 Bats) in this area.

The 3 Killings is found in the East in 2021, and brings three kinds of Killing Energy affecting the health potential of the world. It also afflicts the Rabbit strongly, who MUST place the 3 Celestial Shields to protect. Do not sit facing West with your back to the East, as this will activate the backstabbing energies from the 3 Killings.

Tai Sui the God of the Year moves to the Northeast in 2021. Place this year’s Tai Sui Amulet Plaque in this part of the home and office. Those born years of the Dragon, Dog, Ox and Sheep should carry the Tai Sui Amulet. Do not knock, drill, renovate or dig in this corner of your home, to avoid angering the Tai Sui.


Enhancing the good stars will maximize your potential for getting the best out of the year! In the same way as how bad stars affect you, these stars benefit you the most if your bedroom, entrance, living room or animal palace is here!

#8 Prosperity Star is in the West this year, bringing excellent wealth and prosperity luck to the Rooster, as well as to residents of homes that face West. Try and spend more time in this part of your home to benefit from its excellent energies. Display the Asset Wealth Bull here to protect your current wealth. Attract additional income with the Ox Finding Hidden Wealth.

#6 Heaven Star is in the center and therefore the dominant star of the year. It is associated with many positive things, attracting the celestial luck of the heavens, bringing opportunities and mentor luck from the heavens. Keep this part of your home free from clutter and enhance its auspicious energies with the Celestial Water Dragon as well as the 8 Celestial Immortals Plaque.

#1 Victory Star brings success and victorious luck to the Horse, and all who live in homes that face South. This star is made very lucky with 2 Big Auspicious Stars as well as the Star of Golden Deity. Display the Victorious Windhorse Carrying a Jewel to enhance. Place the Crimson Red Ru Yi with Bats here to confirm success and abundance, while the Blue Ru Yi with 8 Auspicious Symbols will bring the promise of added wealth. The Yellow Ru Yi with the Celestial Dragon brings promotion luck.

#4 Romance Star is in the East, bringing the Rabbit plenty of love and romantic energies. Those who are single or who wish to improve their romance and love luck should have the Rabbit in the Moon in their living space, or carry the Moon Rabbit Amulet.

#4 Scholastic Star The #4 star also brings intelligence, creativity and scholastic prowess. Students can improve their study luck with the Manjushri Gau placed in the East corner, or carry the Scholastic Amulet with Manjushri Mantra.

#9 Future Prosperity Star visits the Ox and Tiger this year bringing many opportunities for future wealth. The Northeast benefits the youngest son and magnifies all good luck found in their birth charts. Display the 9 Golden Dragons Plaque to keep you focused and to prevent you being distracted by short term difficulties. You should also place the Wealth Cabinets here and fill them with your wishes and heart’s desires for the coming future.

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