Getting the Best from the 2020 Flying Star Chart

The new Flying Star chart comes into full effect from Feb 4th 2020 but you will start to notice the energies changing as we approach the new solar year. In order to maximize your luck for the year, it is vital that you update the annual feng shui of your home. It is vital to place the suitable remedies and enhancers to protect yourself against the annual afflictions, while getting the most out of the auspicious sectors of the year.

When reading the chart, bear in mind that the stars will have an especially large impact if any one of the following scenarios apply to you:

  • Your entrance is facing that direction (e.g. the #2 star affects you if your house is facing South).
  • Your entrance is located in the sector (e.g. the #5 star affects you if your entrance is located in the East, even if it is facing a different direction).
  • Your bedroom is located in that part of the house.
  • The star visits your animal palace. E.g. if you are born in the year of the Rabbit, the misfortune #5 in the East (Rabbit location) afflicts you.


In feng shui, it is always good practice to protect and then enhance. Cure all your afflictions first, then look to activate your good luck sectors. So first, identify all the negative stars and any afflictions that could trigger misfortune, and systematically disarm them with the appropriate remedies.

#7 Robbery Star Flies To the Center

This loss-causing star flies to the center grid, bringing the prospect of financial loss to all homes and all individuals this year. As such, protecting your family wealth becomes extremely important. This star is strong as it is a Metal Star flying into an Earth Sector. Display the Anti-Robbery Plaque or Blue Elephant and Rhino with Talisman Feathers and Amulet in the center of your home or living room to remedy. Everyone should carry the Anti-Robbery Amulet Keychain to avoid getting cheated.

FIVE YELLOW Misfortune Star flies to the EAST

This Misfortune Star brings danger to the eldest son and to those born in the year of the Rabbit. It also brings bad luck to bedrooms located in the East part of the home, and to your home if your main door opens to the East. Keep this sector quiet this year. Remedy with the 5 Element Pagoda with Om Ah Hum in the East. Avoid having any renovations in the East this year. Keep an eye out for water leaks or wall cracks or damaged flooring in the East part of your home, as these will compound the misfortune this star brings.


This Illness Star flies to the South and afflicts those born in the year of the Horse. As this is an Earth star coming into a Fire corner, its negative energies are very strong this year. If your bedroom is located here or if the main entrance to your home is located here, you need to pay extra attention to the health of your household members. Place the Healing Herbs Wu Lou in the South, and avoid over-energizing this corner with bright lights. Pregnant women should move to another room this year.


This star brings quarrelsome energies to the North indicating arguments and disharmony between individuals. If you are born in the year of the Rat, if your office main entrance is facing North, or if your office is located in the North corner, there is risk of being hit by litigation, quarrels, misunderstandings and problems with the authorities. In any such situations, stay calm and do not make rash decisions. Display the 4 Seasons Tree of Life Red Carpet to control and carry the Red Dragon Anti-Conflict Amulet. Place the Fire Dragon Holding Fireball in the North.

3 KILLINGS is in the SOUTH

The Three Killings covers 45 degrees of South and brings three kinds of killing energy. Place the Three Celestial Bells to correct. Do not sit facing North with your back to the South, as this will create backstabbing killing energy from the Three Killings. Instead you should confront the 3 Killings by facing South.

TAI SUI is located in the NORTH (352* – 7.5*degrees)

The Tai Sui of the year moves to the North in 2020 and you should place the Tai Sui Plaque 2020 in this part of the home and office. Appeasing the Tai Sui in your office is very important, as he goes to the North which represents career luck. To ensure that your business and work is smooth, you should also carry the Tai Sui Amulet keychain.


Enhancing the good stars maximizes your potential for getting the best out of the year! In the same way that bad stars will afflict you, these stars benefit you the most if your bedroom, entrance, living room or animal palace is here!


The Wealth Star brings excellent luck to the Dog and Boar, to the Patriarch and to leaders. It also makes the NW an excellent area of the home to enhance and keep active. Place the Rat & Dragon Prosperity 8 or the Golden Rat holding a Coin in the NW. You can also enhance the auspicious energies here with a pair of Mongoose Spouting Jewels, or the Wealth Tree with Mongoose & 6 Birds.


The Heaven Star benefits the Snake and Dragon, and anyone living or spending a lot of time in the SE. It brings mentors and powerful benefactors into your life. Display the Wealth Bull on your work desk if you belong to these two animal signs, and the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet in the Southeast of your office to attract opportunities and mentor luck.

#1 WHITE STAR of Big Success occupies the NORTHEAST

This victory-bringing star improves the luck of the Tiger and Ox. When enhanced, it brings easy success over any challenges one faces. Place the Luo Han with Crab and the Windhorse Boosting Victory Flag in this corner to activate. Keep the Northeast door or window in your home open whenever you can to bring you plenty of success.


This star brings love luck as well as academic success to the Southwest. Place the Kurukulle Banner of Love here to improve your marriage potential and the Scholar on Dragon Carp if you need to do well in exams. This star particularly benefits the Monkey and Sheep, as well as those living in homes that face SW.


This star brings the Rooster sign excellent energy to work towards future prosperity and long term gains. All homes should place a pair of Wealth Cabinets in the West to strengthen this excellent star.

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